Bathroom Makeover on a Budget


"Master Bathroom Makeover"... on a Budget!   I think with any home renovation project, you look back with a few doubts and a few more "I should have's." I should have used a different color... I should not have added that extra piece of trim... I should not have started this project to begin with. :-D   The above doubts and … [Read more...]

Caramelized Onions


  {the secret to perfect...} Caramelized Onions   We are in a very "monsoon-y" rain pattern right now in Eastern North Carolina. My grass.  Loves it. My garden.  Adores it. My allergies.  Are thankful. The cats.  Hate it! :) I guess 3 out of 4 ain't so bad.    Speaking of our is … [Read more...]

Headboard Ideas


  {Headboard Ideas } I would like to say our recent adventure in our flip house was a success,  as in it sold quickly and we have moved onto another house. I would like to say that very much. But, it's still on the market - waiting for the buying season to kick back in again. No worries, we have faith and know it's just a matter of … [Read more...]

Easy Taco Casserole

Easy-Cheesy Taco Casserole

  School. A six-letter word that puts the fear of God back into every parent. Six letters that signal the end of Summer... - the end of sleeping in late. The end of  "you're on your own for dinner." Homework and Projects and Book Reports and... a real dinner. At the table. Homework.  Book Reports.  Projects. It's … [Read more...]

A NC Home


  First of all - welcome to the new "the everyday home." I am so in love with the new look and hope you like it, too.  :)   The reason I am sharing this home with you is that I have always been fascinated with the idea of taking a historical structure - such as a church, barn, etc - and giving it a new life by turning it into a … [Read more...]

Summer Nautical Fashion


  Today is July 1st, and in exactly 15 more days I will be the Big 5-Ohhhhhhhhh! But, you know what - I am really okay with it.   I am nowhere near as upset over the big 5-0 as I was the big 4-0! In fact, I am going to embrace it and welcome it and toast it in with a glass of wine. Or three.  :-D With maturity comes a certain … [Read more...]

How to Cook a Steak on the Stove


One of our military duty stations was Kansas City.  To make things easier for our son prior to our move, I would do some research on the area we would be living in, and share some tidbits of info with him in the hopes he would become more excited over the prospects of moving.  Again. And making new friends. Again.   Upon my … [Read more...]

July 4th Party Ideas


    I can't believe that in just a few weekends we will be slathered in watermelon juice, running around with sparklers and celebrating the birthday of this great Country. I love to bring family together - because this Country was built on a foundation of love of God and family values. We don't go all out for the 4th, but … [Read more...]

Pottery Barn-Inspired Bathroom Mirrors


After working for over a month on the Flip House, I took a few days off to rest... and to get all of the paint out of my hair. I've never been one of those "fresh as a daisy" DIY'ers. If I am caulking - I am covered in caulk. If I am painting - there is as much paint on me and in my hair as there is on the wall.  My clothes are … [Read more...]

Where have I been hiding?


I know, I know. I disappeared.  Boom!  Gone! I truly did not mean to just leave like I did. My intentions were to come on here and tell you I was overwhelmed with life and babies and the upcoming house flip...and well, just blogging in general. Then...we got started on the flip house, and one day turned into another... ... and … [Read more...]