Lava Cookies

Homemade Lava Cookies from Cupcakes and Crinoline at The Everyday Home /

Happy Monday, my Everyday Friends. We are kicking the week off here at The Everyday Home is a might sweet way! Mary Beth is here with a recipe for Hot Fudge Filled Lava Cookies. Oh my! Hi everyone! It's me, Mary Beth, from Cupcakes and Crinoline back today with another recipe for you.   If you've ever eaten a lava cake this is … [Read more...]

Easy Spring Wreath

Easy Spring Wreath in 3-Steps by The Everyday Home /

Each year, I have big ideas that I will create a  unique and one-of-a-kind Spring Wreath that will knock your socks off.  I plan it, and in my mind - it is Fabulous!  :-) Then, one week rolls into another - and that procrastination gene kicks in as it usually does... and my "knock your socks off wreath" ideas … [Read more...]

10 Easy Farmhouse Style Tips

10-Easy Farmhouse Style Tips for Your Home by The Everyday Home /

What do you think of when you hear Farmhouse? Do you think of a century old home with a huge front porch, white rockers and a kitchen herb garden?   Maybe you think of a farmhouse sink or a huge farmhouse table, or maybe old, wood plank floors with a patina acquired only by time.  All of these touches are indeed Farmhouse … [Read more...]

Spring Touches in a Cabin Bathroom

Spring Touches in a Cabin Bathroom {Guest Post} Creative Cain Cabin - at The Everyday Home -

Good Wednesday Morning, my Everyday Friends. I am sitting here enjoying a fabulous blend of coffee. I love to mix coffees and flavors and blend my own. I tried the K-Cup things, but honestly, nothing beats my French Press for a fabulous cup of coffee. Dawn with Creative Cain Cabin is back with  another fabulous Design post.  Just … [Read more...]

Spring Tablescape

Paisley and Pink Spring Tablescape - The Everyday Home -

Happy Tuesday, My Everyday Friends.   I thought I would share one of my favorite   Tablescapes I did a few years ago.  It's still a    favorite of mine, even now.  I may even pull   a few of these ideas from this tablescape   to inspire me this year.     Do you also do … [Read more...]

10-Ways to Add Style to Your Home

10-Ways to Add Style to Your Home - The Everyday Home Blog -

Style. It's such a subjective word when it comes to your home. I am often asked... "What is the style of your home?" I was even interviewed once and had to answer that very question. You can read that interview HERE.   So, I thought it would be interesting to ask some Bloggers I know this very question, and get them to offer … [Read more...]

Spring Farmhouse Vignette

How to Create a Spring Farmhouse Vignette - Guest Post by One More Time Events at The Everyday Home Blog

Happy Friday, my Everyday Friends. I am still taking care of my sweet Daddy while he recovers from pneumonia, but I am so blessed to have such amazing friends who will step in and assist me with fantastic Guest Posts like the one below. I am so honored to have Tammy with  One Time Events and Farmhouse Decor Shop share a … [Read more...]

DIY Spring Birdhouse

DIy Spring Birdhouse - Sweet Tea and Saving Grace {guest post} at The Everyday Home

Hello, My Everyday Friends. I hope your week is a good one so far! Kirsten from Sweet Tea and Saving Grace is back with a fabulous DIY project I can't wait to share with you. A DIY Spring Bird House Hey y'all! It's Kirsten  back again from Sweet Tea & Saving Grace! I don't know how the weather has been where y'all … [Read more...]

10-Things Our Cats Have Taught Us About Life

10-Things Our Cats Have Taught Us About Life by The Everyday Home

  Cats. I am one cat away from being that Crazy Cat Lady.  And I am fine with that. My husband is under the impression that I may very well be a "Cat Whisperer."  Neighborhood cats just find their way to me, and lots of poor, strays always seem to find their way "home" on our back porch.  “This post is … [Read more...]

DIY Cupcake Liner Wreath

DIY Cupcake Liner Wreath - Guest Post by Dandelion Patina - at The Everyday Home Blog

Happy Friday, my Everyday Friends. This week has been a little topsy-turvy with my Dad still being so sick, so I am late getting this posted. But, thanks to my sweet and amazingly talented Crafts Contributing Editor Michelle with Dandelion Patina, I am able to share a fabulous project with you - DIY Cupcake Liner Wreath.   Hey … [Read more...]

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