Before And After…Unsightly Kitchen Soffits

Sometimes – Less IS More!

Welcome to my very first Met Monday post sponsored by Susan @ Between Naps on the Porch. You can visit her blog, not only for some wonderful decorating ideas, but also to see all the bloggers who are following Met Monday. ( )

What is Met Monday? A showcase of Before and After Projects. Who doesn’t love Before and After pics?! So let’s get going…

A few posts ago, I shared one of my on-going kitchen projects – dealing with my overly large soffits above my cabinets. Most of you have already discovered that I subscribe to the “More is More” theory of decorating. Well, slap me with butter and call me a biscuit! After some trials and errors…I decided to go with the “Simple and Subdued.”

So, here’s a reminder of my BEFORE soffits…

Another BEFORE view…

If you remember …my plan was to add some picture frame moulding and create paneling squares, fill in with wallpaper – and hang my new Portuguese Majolica plates featuring farm animals. The black and white harlequin paper, seen below, was something I considered using.
But, after a rough Paint Program mock-up (see below), I knew it wasn’t what I was looking for. I decided to look for another paper.

Here’s my Handy-Dandy Carpenter working his magic….

He does good work, huh? I love how he even added moulding to the tiny area on the side.

Here is the finished moulding project pre-wallpaper. I had debated about painting the moulding the same green as the cabs,
but I kinda liked the crisp white. The trim in my breakfast area is white, so I got to thinking….hmmmmm

I visited my local wallpaper store, and found this awesome plaid which incorporated all the colors. I don’t think I could have found a more perfect paper. I decided to cut a small piece and
experiment with one area. Remember when I said I let my house “talk to me?”

Well….seeing it in the pic below, you would think I went head over heels and flipped out like I had hit a decorating gold mine. Right?

Wrong! It just didn’t feel right. I felt it was going to be too “top heavy.” The object of this project was to help disguise the size of the soffit. I was concerned the wallpapered squares would actually draw the eye away from the rest of the space.

So, in the end….

I kept it simple! I know, all my Charles Faudre fans are covering their eyes and ears! Simple? What’s that? LOL

I added my plates, and heard my house breath a sigh of relief. Here’s the AFTER

So I digress….sometimes….LESS is MORE!

Happy Discovering a New Facet of Simple Design….Barb

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  1. says

    Barb, I love the molding and the plates are just perfect. In this case less is more. This just looks so wonderful, and the soffit doesn’t near as large as before. You did find the perfect solution. Hugs, Marty

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  2. says

    Barb, this looks great. The Wallpaper was a pretty paper but I agree with your assessment…I think it would have drawn the eye up and away from your beautiful cabinets. I love the molding there and the plates look fantastic! Thanks for showing us your transformation this Met Monday. Mr. Linky told me how to add some additional code in to fix the column problem so you are showing on the list now. Yipee!

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  3. says

    Hi Barb, You know me I am a less is more and Big is better gir.Hey that almost sounded like someone from Texas.Love the moulding, Love the plates.We used the same moulding,I have it in my entry wainscotting and one panel on the end of my kitchen cupboards. I knew you would find just the right look.I am glad you listened to your lovely home.Thanks for sharing.kathysue

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  4. says

    It’s beautiful!! I just LOVE molding panels like that. I’ve never seen them used above the cabinets, but what a clever idea. I’ve been wanting my husband to put them in my dining and living room. Maybe one of these day. I’m a new blogger and would love you to stop by and visit sometime.
    ~Elizabeth at Grand Occasions

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  5. says

    Hi Barb… dropping by from Debbie’s blog… I love your kitchen redo… the Majolica is beautiful against the pretty pale yellow wall… and you’re right, less is more… except I somtimes have a problem when I’m crossing from less to too much! LOL…

    Hope you’ll drop by my blog, French Lique, and visit. Blessings, Dixie

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