Met Monday – from flower stems to fabulous!

Welcome to Metamorphosis Monday!
This is a wonderful event which kicks off a
week full of events!
It is graciously hosted by Susan at
Please stop by Susan’s blog to see
her wonderful “Before and After” pics,
and see all the Met Monday posts.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
This week, I am going to share with you how
I go about creating my silk arrangements.
I realize that not everyone loves silk
arrangements. I think when they are done
correctly – they are beautiful additions to
any home.
So….over the weekend I purchased some
assorted stems to create a centerpiece
for my breakfast table.
I found this lovely tub at Marshall’s.
I knew it would be perfect in both scale and style.

How lovely is this? I love the Napoleonic Bee.
I selected a variety of stems – but mostly hydrangeas.
I also picked up a container of faux crab apples.
Baby Lily did a quality check…
Yes – she approved of my choices.
I needed a filler so the stems would sit higher in the pot …
Yes, the Marshall’s bags worked fine – PLUS…
it helped “hide the evidence” of my shopping
excursions from Mr. Grits.
Four, inexpensive “Walmart” ferns acted as a base.

Now I am far from an expert – I can only show you

what works for me. I start with a center flower…

Then I add more of the same flowers at
2 o’clock, 4 o’clock, 8 o’clock and 10 o’clock.

Next – I fill in with a coordinating flower…
(I used a sage green hydrangea) at
3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, 9 o’clock, and midnight.
Next, I simply start layering smaller flowers and berries, etc.

To keep my arrangement from feeling to “Fall-ish”…I

added these small pink and white blossoms.

Next I added green, fluffy Euchanacia stems.

Every centerpiece needs a little fluff I think. :-)

I finished by adding eucalyptus and small crab apples.

I am very happy with the end result.

I even “made” a new runner. I meticulously sewed

one together….

Oh, okay – I just layered 3 placemats over each

other and used double-stick tape to add some

left-over black and white polka dot ribbon

where the mats overlapped.

Use what you have baby! :-)

I think it’s the perfect addition to my

Breakfast Area.

Yep – I think I will keep it!

So, I hope this was not only an enjoyable

post but a helpful one, also.

I bid you to go forth and create your

own centerpieces. :-)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Before I end…I want to remind you

one more time about two upcoming Events!

Mr. Linky will be up by 9pm tomorrow night.
I am soooo excited to see everyone’s porches,
patios, sunrooms and outdoor spaces.
in case you missed the announcement over the
weekend about my newest meme…

Tea Time Tuesday

starts next Tuesday!

Click here to read all about it!

This will be a grand event I am sure –

because I have already seen some of the
great tea-scapes and tea sets you have
already shared.
So I bid you a wonderful week…and want to remind

you that you need to take time for the simple things…

… like smelling the flowers.

Blessings Dear Friends….Barb

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  1. says

    Barb, that bucket is so great, and I love your arrangement in it. Thank you so much for showing how you do it. I also use shopping bags in the bottom of arrangement, but never thought about that it hid the evidence from my husband!! How funny! I do plan to join the porch party if I can get some things done tomorrow after work. Had big plans for getting it ready this weekend, and it rained the whole weekend. You are so good at this hostesing! laurie

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  2. says


    I have the same “vessel” from Marshalls and the most imaginative thing I have done with it has been to fill it with potpourii and have my little dog eat it and spend $118.00 at the vet last week… so I love this alternative idea…are the silk plants poisonis??


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  3. says

    I like silk flowers and always have them out throughout my home.

    The bucket for your arrangement is wonderful. I like squatty arrangement especially for tables and this one is wonderful!

    View Comment
  4. says

    Hi Barb,
    I never thought of stashing the evidence in the decorating, LOL ! I’m so glad that Mr.Grits doesn’t
    read your blog…..LOL ! The flowers are great and you a woman after my own heart- mixing wally mart with other stuff, love it. Your Kitty Lily is so cute and it
    looks like she is well behaved !
    Have a great week !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

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  5. says

    Barb, thank you so much for the
    tutorial on arranging silk flowers, etc. That was so helpful, and I think I can attempt a grander arrangement with some thought and organization now. Yours turned out GORGEOUS – and the bag as a filler – who would have thought?! Linda

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  6. says

    Oh Barb, thank you so much for making that centerpiece just for me! You just knew that pink and green would match in my kitchen PERFECTLY!!!

    **WHAT??** You didn’t make it for me????


    Oh well, I guess I will just leave my dead tulips sitting on the table. :o(

    (I’ll show you more foot pictures if you let me have it…)


    Robin :o)

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  7. says

    I don’t listened to those self-appointed naysayers of silk flower arrnagements! Your step by step instructions are great! I so wish I could participate in the porch and patio party, but I would need a boat to do it :)–Rain, rain go away! I will eventually get it done and would love to join you then! Thanks!

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  8. says

    Love your centerpiece and your tutorial!! Floral arranging and wreath making are two of my fave things to do. I made the swag in my Met Monday post, and will be making an olive branch one to switch it out with.

    The color combo is lovely!!
    Have a joyful week!!

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  9. says

    Barb, what a perfect container to hold your flowers. I loved the addition of the apples,great choice of flowers and textures, it truly looks wonderfl in you breakfast room, great job, Hugs Kathysue

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  10. says

    Try as I may mine never look like yours, however this is really helpful and gradually I am starting to get it. I just need to think outside the box about what I mix together. Your new arrangement is just gorgeous and I love the table runner too. You do make it look so easy and pretty at the same time. Hugs, Marty

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  11. says

    I am so glad a stopped over. I ahve to say your idea of using the bag as “filler” was very inspired. I AM a floral designer, doing only silk arrangements. IF you want to do an arrangement with the “correct” filler,(even tho your bag worked perfectly) you use the GRAY foam sold at Michaels or ACMoore, NOT the grren stuff, that is only for dried materials. I do think your arrangement turned out beautifully! GREAT job! Your tutorial was great too, and I LOVE that container! Pinky

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  12. says

    This is really beautiful Barb, and I love the table runner. Now are you quite sure that Baby Lilly is stopping to smell the flowers and not eat them? I know what our dear kitty would be doing lol. Hugs, Kat

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  13. says

    Thanks for the tutorial. You make it look so easy. The arrangement turned out great. I have the same bucket but I bought it a few years back. I use mine for my bathroom trash can.

    Looking forward to the party tomorrow. I won’t be participating as I wasn’t able to get my patio done in time (we had to take stepson to the Nixon Library for some extra credit for his government class so he can graduate). But I am looking forward to seeing everyone else’s contribution.

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  14. says

    Great arrangement! And I love the container you chose! You made it all look so easy!
    I was hoping to join in on the porch party tomorrow but it has rained here every day, almost all day, for the last 4-5 days sooo my decks are so messy from tree stuff and pollen. And everyone has seen my porch already. If I can think of something good to take a pic of in between storms, I’ll link up.

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  15. says

    Well this will be no surprise to you but I walked around Marshalls with that very same container for over and hour this weekend. NOW after seeing this I wish I had gotten it. Of course my plan was much less exciting that your end project. I was just going to put a fern in it on my screened in porch LOL! We are going shopping for floral supplies when you are here! My list is getting longer you better just plan on spending two days :-)

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  16. says

    Hello. I am over from . . . I don’t know, so many people were ranting and raving about you this morning, I had to come over and see what all the fuss was about.
    OK, I admit it, I’M HOOKED! You Dear Girl, have a wonderful blog. Your sense of humor kept me grinning. I only have time to read a few of your posts before work today, but I will be back!
    Love the porch, but I have a dumb question. (Now realize I am from So Cal.) Does anything from your porch ever get stolen? I can’t even keep pumpkins! We are near a big huge hill and the kids swipe them to roll down the hill! (go figure!) I am so jealous that you have the peace of mind that everything is secure. Maybe I just need to quit worrying about it, and just do it and see what happens! (gulp!)
    Have a great day!!!!! Karen

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  17. says

    People like you bring such pure fun into my life and I look forward to each event even though I don’t take part in them. I just began to try Tablescape Thursday. Tuesday Tea sounds so cute and fun. I will think about that one and..I just may jump in one day. You just make life so much more interesting and enjoyable..seeing things that interest me..learning how to do something I would never have attempted..and making us aware of our intimate surroundings…our homes!
    I loved watching you make your floral arrangement, the ingenious way you made a table covering..encouraging us to use what we have.. What a joy you are Barb! Love~

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  18. says

    WOW!!! LOVE IT!! I saw this bucket this weekend ,now I gotta go back and get it,lol.Or better yet I got a bucket at a yardsale same shape and size and white.I could add some lettering with rub ons.
    The whole room looks beautiful!!!!

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