Cleaning Up the Front of the Fridge with Lists…

The front of my fridge is getting out of control. For one, I have collected a number of those “tourist” magnets from various places we have visited….a flip-flop filled with sand from Bermuda, a pretty stone carved with an elk from Colorado, the Liberty Bell from Philly. You get the idea. Then, there are the ole’ stand-by magnets with Pizza Delivery Numbers, our Security System contact numbers, a small magnet calender…you know the kind. We all have them.

The biggest problem is that I have also started using the front of the fridge as a Day Planner and Reminder Station. Included on the front of my fridge right now is a list of recipes I want to include in my Cookbook… Grocery items I need to remember to pick up (but never do b/c the list I need is not with me at the market – its on my fridge at home!) :-/ … invitations to upcoming parties….and it goes on and on.

So, I have made another list for my fridge. heehee It’s called “Weekend Projects. I have decided that the reason I do not get a lot of my projects completed is because I am overwhelmed. Maybe if these projects were categorized into Easy Weekend Projects vs. “Mind-Boggling- Mr Grits-Needs-To-Assist-Me” Projects… I will be able to better focus and get more accomplished. (and any reason to make a new list works for me!) Yoohoo!

I have decided to make a Fridge Memory Board.

All it takes is a board, some quilt batting, a bit of fabric, several yards of ribbon and some upholstery tacks (or thumb tacks).

This design above would work well in my kitchen. My fridge is black, and I could use a red toile pattern to compliment the red and white transferware dishes in my black painted hutch.
I am going to stop by Staples tomorrow and purchase a medium-sized magnetic board. Then, I think it will be just a matter of attaching fabric and ribbon. (It always sounds so easy on paper doesn’t it?)
I also found these online……so cute!

Memory Board-style frames. How cute! I think this would be great in a teenager’s room if you made it larger, but instead of a frame added cork board inside. It could be used as a combination cork board/memory board. That way, you could add a myriad of notes AND lists. Oh my – that gets my blood pumping. 😀
If things go as planned….I will be posting a Before and After of my project for next week’s Met Monday. Stay tuned….and maybe make yourself a list to remember! 😉
Take Care Dear Friends….Barb




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  1. Imagine my surprise when I found out my new stainless steel fridge wasn’t attracted to magnets. Nada. There is now nothing on my fridge. The family will just have to flounder around to know where they are supposed to be and where to get the pizza from.

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  2. Those boards are so beautiful! I try to keep all my papers on the side of my fridge but then I forget I put them there!

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  3. I too get project’s going and then I need my Honey to help. Lately I have been thinking the same thing. Just take one project at a time till I finish instead of having three going.
    I like to boards. That is a great ideal.

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  4. Feedsack Fantasy says:

    I make these memory boards for children … they are so functional for every facet of the home interior, & so easy to create. Love the fabric choices you show …
    TTFN ~ Marydon

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  5. at the bottom of this post:
    is how I solved my fridge magnet mess.

    Your idea is much prettier! But I am enjoying having not one thing on my fridge anymore!

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  6. Ever since I’ve had a stainless steel fridge, I’ve felt a little less cluttered. Now, I just need to find something to do with all of the junk piled on my island.

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  7. There’s nothing on my fridge either….unless fingerprints count…lol!

    I’ve made several of these boards in the past! Super easy and cute!! I can’t wait to see yours!


    Robin :o)

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  8. I keep the front of my fridge clean with nothing on it. I use the side of my fridge that you can’t see for notes etc. Those boards look pretty nice.

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  9. I love memory boards I have always wanted to make one! Great ideas :)

    All the best,

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  10. Beautiful project. Can’t wait to see the end result.

    Thanks to stainless steel my refrigerator front is empty with the exception of some fingerprints. :)

    It’s always fun to be inspired by new projects.

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  11. I DID clean my fridge off last week, but, alas, it is filling up again. I must find a better system. Thanks for the inspiration. Sally

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  12. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! Your ideas are fun!


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  13. GM Barb…great idea my friend…how do you come up with these all the time..can’t wait to see…May you have a great day Dear friend…hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

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  14. Hi Barb.
    You know what I did for a client? She had the same magnet overload but didn’t want to get rid of them. So I took a magnet to Goodwill, found an old tray that was magnetic and painted it the color I wanted, then scuffed it up because she loves that look. We put all her magnets back on, hung it “Inside” an shabby chic’d picture frame, hung with a nice ribbon, leaving plenty of room between the frame and the edge of the round tray. It now serves as art in her kitchen! If I do say so, it is adorable! And we had a nice big wall in the hallway right off the kitchen, again – mounted large empty picture frames – one for each of her kids, and she places their “art of the week” inside each frame, rotating them out.
    And her fridge is now reserved for just a few small things. Less clutter and it all looks great!
    Just food for thought . . .
    Have a great day!

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  15. Hey Barb, Great idea for the fridge, I just cleaned mine off too! Have to do that every few months or so, Ha! I have some fabric left over from the ottoman slipcover I just posted.. I could make a cute little fridge board to match…Wish I could learn to just sit still…Ha! xoxo~Kathy~ Sweet Up-North Mornings…

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  16. Barb,
    Can’t wait to see how your little project turns out. I had to laugh at your grocery list being on your fridge instead of with you at the market. I have that same problem. Too funny!!! Oh, and I tagged you for photo tag. Visit my blog at to see what you are suppose to do, if you choose to accept this mission, that is.

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  17. Oh Barb, I finally took everything off the fridge in the kitchen and put up a note pad and calendar on the side next to the pantry. Still easy to check and you can’t see it from anywhere in the house. I love the idea of your magnetic board. When you get a chance check out my blog, I am taking a poll to see who would be interested in a Cloche Party. Let me know. Hugs, Marty

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  18. Will you post a picture of your finished project? I love that red flowered one..For some reason this year, I am attracted to the color red..have always hated it before. I’ve seen the completed message boards in Target..Yeh, they look simple but when I went to put it together, it would look like something “homemade”, so I’ll just buy one. By the time you buy the batting, thumb tacks and ribbon, I would imagine it would run into some bucks! Will be looking forward to seeing your completed project. Are you making one for your new office too?

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  19. Great, fun ideas as usual Miss barb.

    Enjoyed your ideas about being overwhelmed- that does clog up the process, doesn’t it?


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  20. Can’t wait to see the finished board. Hope you share the list in the neighborhood. I still have not started my list but it is starting to swirl in my head so time to get out the paper and pen. So glad to see you back in blog land. We miss you when you are not around, hugs Kathysue

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  21. Oh, I can’t wait to see this! It sounds like something I’m going to want to do, so PLEASE give some great instructions. laurie

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  22. Oh Barb…I want to take every single thing off that refrigerator. It has become a habit keeping all that stuff on it. I don’t like it but it seems everyone does it. Tomorrow it is all coming down. I have a new bulletin board so down they come.
    I just needed a push I think! :)
    ~smiles and hugs~

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  23. How do you plan to attach it to your refrigerator or whereever you plan to hang it?

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  24. What a wonderful idea! I was trying to figure out what to make for Christmas gifts this year and these would be perfect!

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