Porch and Patio Party!

Welcome to Grits and Glamour’s

Porch and Patio Party!

Now, I realize the title of this meme may be misleading…

because any outdoor area is welcomed to join in this event.

Patios, Gardens, Pools, Playgrounds…

This is your chance to feature some favorite exterior spaces of your home.

For this month’s Porch and Patio Party…I am showcasing some homes and porches

in my neighborhood.

I love houses. I love looking at houses. Architecture amazes me. I especially love our

neighborhood because the homes are

primarily custom-built, and I love all the varied styles.

I only concentrated on the homes which have front porches.

Most of the homes are built in the traditional style.

This home is so pretty from the road. Her outer landscaping is gorgous. Maybe I will

knock on her door one day and ask if she would mind if I feature her gardens for next

month’s Porch and Patio Party.

In another month, her window boxes will be overflowing with blooms and color.

Although the porch of this home is not large in scale…

I love the double-arches that span the width of the porch.

All of the lots in this neighborhood are fairly large, and I love how this home is

beautifully surrounded by trees.

I can imagine long, lazy afternoons on this porch – watching the squirrels run and

play throughout the shade trees.

This home is still Under Construction….but oh my! Double porches. Makes my heart

go pitter-patter!

This is our neighbor across the street. They sit out on their porch almost every


A Southern porch with white wicker doesn’t get any better than this.

This home was built last year. I love the exterior colors.

What’s better than white wicker rockers on a front porch…?

… a white wicker swing! Perfect!

This neighbor has a flare for decorating her porch during the holidays.

Lots of details…

Another newly built home. I am fascinated by the architecture of this home.

And now – I have saved the best two for last …

(well, other than my own home, of course!) 😀

Isn’t this the epitome of traditional style?

This home is breathtaking at night. It is lit up like an airport runway. LOL

(her husband is an electrician) 😉

This is a sneak peak into their back yard. Just look at this tropical oasis.

And now for my fave…

The same couple who built and sold our home also built this home.

So, I think it only natural that if/when they ever sell this home that we also buy it.

I could finally change my name to Scarlett. 😉

I hope you have enjoyed the tour of porches around my neighborhood. I look

forward to seeing everyone’s posts and seeing all your outdoor spaces.

Just a few reminders….

Don’t forget Tea Time Tuesday next week.

You are welcome to add the small logo to your sidebar.

Just a reminder that Marty is hosting a Cloche Party this Friday, over at

A Stroll Thru Life.

Finally, in case you missed the announcement over the weekend…start planning

your menu for

The Great Dollar Store Dinner Challenge.

Some have asked if Big Lots and other such stores count. Absolutely! And it doesn’t

have to be a whole dinner, it can be a single dish…as long as its budget friendly.

If you are joining in this month’s Porch and Patio Party, I ask that you do a

few things:

1) Please use the small or large Porch and Patio Party logo, as provided, so others will easily recognize you are particpating in this event.

2) Please link back to the host site, Grits and Glamour, so others may come back and see and visit all the particpants.

3) Please post your Permalink to Mr. Linky only after you have added your blog entry.

4) Thank you and Happy Porchin’…..Barb

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  1. says

    I do love a pretty front porch. I had one added late last summer at my lake house and we just unpacked the furniture andiI only have two plants, LOL!!!…so I hope to join next month The date on your sidebar logo says June 17. Is that correct?

    Love all your photos. You can tell when people enjoy their porches when you see rockers and wicker seating. I like the one near the end with all the hanging flower baskets. You have a lovely neighborhood!


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  2. says

    Wow, Barb, after seeing all those gorgeous porches, I’m a little sorry I posted mine. Oh, well, too late. Anyway – lots of inspiration. THANK YOU for posting early! Linda

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  3. says

    Oh wow!!! I love the homes that you have in our neighborhood. Living in the desert, we have stucco, red tile roofs and no porches. Here we have a patio in the back if you’re lucky. I really miss all the wonderful porches and would LOVE to have a great house with a really big one like the pics you’ve shown. I love your porch, and your new railing is just fabulous. I’m sure you sit and enjoy it all the time. That is when and if you ever sit. lol Thanks for the reminder about the cloche party. Also, I am gearing up for Tea Time Tuesday. I just know I can figure out something. Love ya, Marty

    View Comment
  4. says

    This comment is for COPPER – N – THINGS. I know you follow Barb’s site. I don’t know if you have your settings right on your blog. I can’t leave a comment and I see no one else has left one either. Go back to your settings and be sure that you say yes people can leave a comment. I would love to comment on your posts, but I can’t. Hugs, Marty

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  5. says

    Loved all the porches!!! I want to live in the south. You all have such fabulous homes, not to mention porches! My porch is so ugly. I did decorate it for 4th of July, took photos last night so that I could participate & then hubby had to borrow my camera today, so I don’t have it to upload my photos & play along. Maybe I’ll do a post tonight. But since I am in southern California (does that count for living in the south? I didn’t think so) it will be late on the east coast by the time I post. But I may do it anyways.

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  6. Sandy@CoppernThings says

    Barb, As usual everything you posted just beautiful.. Makes me long for the South.

    To all who have tried to leave a comment at CoppernThings, please try again. We have tried to correct the problem again. Hope this is a fix.. My blog is only one week old today and I have had a few problems. Thanks Marty 39

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  7. says

    Barb–You live in a great area!! I love all the porches; my dream is a white Louisiana raised cottage with green shutters and front porch rockers–pretty specific aren’t I :) Thanks for letting me join the party!

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  8. says

    Beautiful homes, Barb! If you are a fan of antebellum homes, you would love South Lee Street in Americus, GA…one after another, plus old Victorians…side by side! Gorgeous! As usual, you are one very busy lady…lots on your plate…so to speak! I never thought about making dinner from the $ store….gotta check it out! Hope you are having a great week!…hugs…Debbie

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  9. says

    Thanks for that lovely tour of homes. Wow…I saved a tank of gas! My hubby and I love to ride around on Sunday afternoons and look at homes. Have gotten a lot of great ideas while we were building ours.

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  10. Queen of ODD says

    We moved in to our (sort of)arts & crafts house a year ago and have spent most of our time putting in landscaping. So the porch has been neglected. I was thrilled to find this porch party and I’m sure I’ll be inspired. I’m new to blogging but hopefully I can get mine looking better soon!
    Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

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  11. says

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    Actually i went to a hotel with my boyfriend, he usually buy viagra so his sexual development is wonderful, but i was impressive for the glamour of the place, absolutely beautiful.

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  12. says

    What an observable one, It’s just like me, I always compete with others, I don’t want to put mine at the bottom line that’s why I always do everything I can, Its so hard for me to say but those porch and patio are really great, a little bit better than mine, a little bit! :).

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