Premier Tabletop Tuesday: Welcome Vignette Lovers!

Welcome to the very first….
Tabletop Tuesday!
ac-ces-so-ry (n):
Middle English – Something nonessential but desirable that contributes to an effect or result.
I created this new meme especially for everyone who loves to accessorize, and even more – loves to create vignettes
 I believe that a person can create a lovely room – painted the perfect color, with the exact sofa and custom-designed drapes and all the right architectural effects imaginable.  But, until those personal touches and creative bits are added – its just a room.
Accessories are the details that make a room.  It is an expression of your personality and your design style.
It’s your home’s voice.
I look forward to your posts, and hope this becomes one of your favorite weekly memes.  Please feel free to grab the smaller button below to post on your side bar, to announce that you particpate in Tabletop Tuesday.
Yesterday, for Met Monday at Between Naps on the Porch, I shared a small tabletop vignette I created as part of my after-Holiday redecorating.  It is a small side table in my Red Morning Room.
This room features my collection of blue and white Staffordshire and transferware.
Click here to see the full post – “Five Minute Vignette.
For today’s Tabletop Tuesday post, I am continuing on in the same room…this time I have accessorized the top of my antique English Hutch.
Here is the “Before” as it was decorated for Christmas….
Silver reindeer, vintage silver candlesticks, treasured Victorian creamers..and touches of silver and
apple green in a basic, silk plant.
The ledge of the hutch is only about 8″ wide, so large-scale items do not work. Also, I do not want anything that will overpower or distract from the display inside the hutch.
So…with just a few changes I went from Winter Wonderland in Silver and Blue…..
… to Springtime Blue and White.
I am going to share with you the step-by-step details of the flower arrangement I created.  It could be one of the hardest arrangements I have ever made…so take notes.  :)
I used my 40% off coupon just after Christmas to purchase this container…
It’s a rustic, frenchy blue vase.  They had several shapes in this same style….but I chose the vase for its smaller size.
Don’t you love the design on the front?
Next, I grabbed some stems from my box-o-florals. 
Did I ever tell you I never throw out any stems of flowers of any kind.  Recycle and reuse…remember my 2010 decorating motto?
Blue and white silk hyacinth stems….
Step 1:  Cut some floral foam into chunks.  You need the hard kind.
Step 2: Push the foam into the bottom of the vase so you have a firm fit.
Now, this next step gets tricky……
Step 3:  Shove the flowers into the foam.
I told you it was tricky. :)
Stand back and make sure you like what you see….so far, so good.
Step Four: Add moss.  I had reindeer moss on hand, but any kind will do.  You could even use glass beads or small stones.
Step Five:  Twist and bend the leaves to give them a more realistic look.
Optional:  I added some grapevine loops.  I like the added texture.
Okay, who are we kidding.  A pre-schooler could pull off this arrangement – but sometimes the simple things are exactly what is needed.
Next, I added two glass Hurricanes…
These are not old, but I fell in love with them anyway. I bought them at a flea-market in Belgium in a town called Tongeren.
But, I decided that I did not want two taller items on each side of the tall flower arrangement…
So I removed the top portion….and just used the base.
I love the milky-glass appearance.
Next, I added plates….you know I am gonna add plates. That’s a given. ;0
My blue and white plates purchased years ago in an old, Belgium hardware store.
Some white plates purchased last Summer at Marshall’s, along with my Spode salt and pepper shakers.
These were quite the steal.  I found these at Ross for $14.99/set. 
A breath of Spring…
Simple statements…
…. in a room which is quite happy to feature such pretty dishes.
As day intermingles with night, the candles are lit and lamps are turned on…
…and The Grits House becomes a soft, warm place that wards off the Winter cold.
Hints of Springs promise that warmer days are just around the corner.
I hope you have enjoyed my very first Tabletop Tuesday.  I absolutely cannot wait to visit each of you and see what you have to share.
Here is a smaller button.  Please add it to your post and link back to Grits and Glamour.
Happy Accessorizing Dear Friends….Barb
Please add your link below….

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  1. says

    Barb, I am so happy to see this new Meme….I will try to link up and join in the morning. I don’t have photos ready right now. Can’t wait to see everyone’s tabletops. I became a follower!

    Linda @ A La Carte

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  2. says

    Barb, this is going to be so much fun. First, I love your wall color–it is the perfect backdrop for your gorgous collection of blue-and-white pottery. The hutch looks like a room from the Cotswolds. Second, The silk flowers (love the vine) are totally perfect. They say, “Hold on, spring is just a breath away.”

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  3. says

    I love your very first ‘Tabletop Tuesday’ post. This looks like it will be loads of fun and I’m sure I’ll link up to it often. I hope you don’t mind that I’ll combine it with my own Tuesday meme in order to participate in yours.
    Have a wonderful Tusday,

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  4. says

    Hi Barb,
    Thanks for starting another fun party for Tuesdays! I’m hapy to join in.
    Your vignette in the dining room is so pretty, I love blue and white – it is such a classic combo! Your plates are esp. nice, and the flower arrangement looks great. I love the extra touches you added!
    Hope you’ll stop by sometime.
    Heidi – Heart and Home

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  5. says

    Beautiful vignette! Love the blues! The grapevine in the vase is such a nice accent! The ambiance of the night pictures creates such warmth!

    Thanks for hosting this event! Can’t wait to see all of the participant’s vignettes! I’m trying to put my home back together, since my Christmas decorations are finally down, and I need some inspiration! :) ~hugs, Rhonda

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  6. says

    Barb-I love the Christmas look but the spring attire is even better!–and in my favorite colors. I found out about the party too late for this week, but I hope to “play” next week–I do have tables :) Thanks for a great new party!

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  7. says

    Barb, I am tickled pink with your new vignette meme. I love studying how people arrange their treasures. This will be very helpful and inspiring to all of us. You have definitely mastered the art of floral design!! ;;) (you are giving away all my secrets…lol)

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  8. says

    What a cute idea! Tabletops Tuesdays! Well I missed participating in this one but I will join in on next weeks! Loved all your blue and white. Look forward to going through everyone’s posts! Again…great idea! Hugs!

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  9. says

    Hi Barb…

    I just read the note that you left for me over at my place…Girl, you’re just too cute! You are always welcomed at my place but I will be putting away the good silver! wink! Too cute!!! Anyways, thank you so much for your warm and generous compliments! And…thank you so much for hosting this fun filled Tuesday event!

    Ohhh my…I do love your red morning room!!! Sure enjoyed that gorgeous vignette from yesterday! I love your Staffordshire dogs! Ohhh…and your lamp…gorgeous!!! Beautifully put together vignette, Barb!!! I just love your new frenchy blue vase too! Love, love, LOVE your blue and white hycinth arrangement…it’s perfect in your new blue vase! My friend, don’t you just love it…when you can just stick a few florals into a vase and they look soooo good! So simply and quick…I always feel like I’m cheating! Hehe! You make some of the most beautiful floral arrangements though…I appreciate the “how to’s”…hope you’ll do more for us! That is something that I’m still trying to master…just an ameteur but I refuse to pay to have it done and I enjoy “fiddling” with floral arranging! Well dear, your buffet looks stunning…all decked out in that gorgeous blue and white! Ahhh…it’s like a breath of fresh air…and gives hope that spring will come! Thank you for sharing your creativity and talents with us, Darlin’…what a treat!!!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

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  10. says

    Barb-what a wonderful idea. I was anxious to see what others posted before I jump in and play along. I wasn’t exactly sure what this was going to be about.

    Did you use the word “spring”? Isn’t that a wonderful word? Everything looks gorgeous and thanks again for the new “party theme”!


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  11. says

    Hi Barb, this is a great party. I’m gonna join in next week. I just have a quick question for you. Where do you get a grapevine loop? Did you just make it or does it already come looped? Dumb question, I know. But I like the look.

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  12. says

    Barb…I have the worst time getting around to all the blogs…and when get to yours you have this fantastic “tabletop” thing going on! Next week! I will try and make it next week! Hmm..not so sure I have anything worth showing…(I am easily intimidatedd!) but I will try!
    Hugs to you..hope all is well at your home.

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  13. says

    I just realized that I did not post a comment….sorry about that. I love this party, it has been so fun to join in and visit with everyone and see their great ideas…thanks so much for hosting and I look forward to all the future parties. I love your stick it in and fluff it up philosophy. That is exactly the way I arrange…what is the worse that can happen…if you don’t like it, pull it out and stick it in somewhere else. LOL. Love your hutch and the way you arranged your ledge. Just beautiful.

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  14. says

    Love the new “meme” and have participated this week. We only have a bungalow so don’t have too many storage or display areas, so I probably won’t join in very much but will enjoy seeing everyone else’s.

    I think the word “hutch” does a misjustice to the wonderful Antique English “cabinet” that you have for your display of plates etc…. Jackie in UK

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  15. says

    Hi Barb! I saw your vignette linky party on a couple of blogs I follow, and thought I’d come over for a visit. Love your floral arrangement! I’ve used moss to finish mine off as well, but never thought about adding some grapevine like that. I love the interest it adds. Off to check out some of your other posts!

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  16. says

    What a lovely arrangement!! Love the urn you used for your arrangement, and your candlesticks are awesome….love that milky white color as well! Thanks for sharing…and for the linky party-can’t wait to see what others have created!

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  17. says

    Hi BArb, I am a total newbie in the blogging world. I just posted your badge to my site, and will look forward to participating with you all. I have for sometime now enjoyed your spaces on RMS. You have given me much inspiration. In a sense the encouragement to venture out on my own into blogging. You ladies do an awesome job, and I can only aspire to be half as good. I hope I did this right so far. Thanks Debbie

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