My Final Post for 2010…

Tonight we celebrated a very special event…
my oldest Grandlove’s 5th Birthday!!!
This is Cole Hayden. Those of you who have followed
my blog for a while may remember when he came to
live with us a few years ago while his Mommy and
Daddy were both deployed to Iraq. 
Can you believe how he has grown? 
About a year ago, I made the decision to give up
blogging temporarily, as I felt it was taking away
from my family, job and well….my life in general.
I am back to blogging, but have found that I need
to blog on my own schedule.  I would love to join
in some of the many bloggy parties – but unfortunately,
I found they were just too time consuming.
So….I wanted to share with you some pics which
 are worth a thousand words…they represent “the why”
 I exist…they represent my life!
The following pictures were taken on Oct 29th, 2010 –
the day my other Grandlove, Devin Blake, turned One.
Grammy, Grandpa, Cole and Devin
Cole and Grammy
My son, Blake, and DIL, Amanda
My precious, little family!
Grandpa and Devin
Isn’t this beautiful?

The Birthday Boy and Grammy

Blake and Amanda
Oh..oh…is that a balloon???
At the end of the shoot, my “loving” son thought
it would be hilarious
(hardee-har-har) to “feed” me some cake…
…. like mother like son.
I think I gained five pounds from this incident.  :)
So, now you see why I took such a long hiatus….
because there is no way I could ever forgive myself
if I felt I had missed out on one single moment of this. 
I’m sure you all understand.
I wish each of you a safe, happy, healthy and properous
New Year and 2011.  I look forward to spending more
time with you, as my life allows….and being parts of
YOUR lives, too.
All My Best….Barb

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  1. says

    Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family!
    Blogging on your own terms is a message many bloggers are sending out.
    I have missed you but will look forward to seeing you… when I see you!
    Take care,
    Ladybug Creek

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  2. Anonymous says
    I was playing an app on Facebook (Graffiti) and my Mac warned me that the page may contain malware. Of course I ignored it because I wanted to draw more with the app, and when i was done the page scrolled up by itself and my curser moved across the screen a bit on its own. Does my Mac have a virus? are there any built-in features that could be of assistance? are there any anti-virus programs safe to use on my Mac?

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