Winter Wreaths….

After I take my Christmas wreath off my front door (see below) –
I am always torn as to what wreath I should replace it with. 
We all know that Spring is several months
away, so something with pastel flowers just doesn’t
seem to fit the “occasion.”
What “occasion” is it exactly?  Why it’s “Winter.”
(snow is still on the ground for many of us even now)
For some reason, I have never had a “Winter Wreath.”  With all my florals available, you would think it would be an easy solution. 
 But after digging thru my stash-o-stems
in my floral bins earlier this eveing, I was dismayed
to find I really do not possess enough florals to create
a wreath which I would consider worthy of the season.
So woe is me….I must make a trip to Michael’s tomorrow, and
 hope they are having a sale.
What about you?  What do you hang on your door
after Christmas?
Here are a few pics which I hope will provide
some inspiration.
By the way….(minus the gold bow) the latter pic is my fave.  I think the white spray-painted pinecones and other natural elements look very Wintry. I think a white-ish bow would look better.  I could even see some of faux snow applied here and there.
I am thinking I might try to work in my antique ice skates.
They are heavy, but I think it can be done. 
Pics to follow soon….  :)
Sending you warm thoughts this
cold, Winter

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  1. I like the last wreath, too…it does remind me of winter. Good question on what to use for winter. I usually keep my fresh wreath up without the red bow.


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  2. Hi Barb! Great inspiration pics! A winter wreath has always been a puzzle to me, too…hard to look wintry without looking Christmasy! I love that last one, too! Happy week!…hugs…Debbie

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  3. Beautiful wreaths – thanks for the inspiration.

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  4. I think the one that’s displayed on the pink background is nice as well as the one you picked as your fav….

    I have never had a winter wreath, but you have inspired me! I too may be heading to Michaels!


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  5. Beautiful ideas for winter wreaths!
    You have also inspired me and I was at Micheals the day after Christmas,they are having a wonderful sale!

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  6. I use to do wreaths on my door and I did a blue and white snowflake wreath for winter. That was years ago probably in the early 90s but now I have a full glass french door so the only time a wreath is up is at Christmas. I love the view out and the light that comes in so no obstructing that for Me. Can’t wait to see what you come up with. Love the idea of the skates. I also love a sled by a door for winter!! you are so clever can’t wait to see yours,Kathysue

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  7. Great inspiration for winter wreaths! I Especially like the 3rd, 4th and 6th wreaths.

    ~ Tracy

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