Bathroom Makeover

 Bathroom Makeover at The Everyday Home

My Mission:  To Un-Gold and De-Red my home. Room by Room.

On a Budget. (of course!)  Laughing

I thought I would start with the easiest of rooms. The Guest Bathroom.  It would be a way for me to get a perspective on this new style I am leaning towards.  I am gonna live with it a little longer, and let it sink in.

I will already admit….The Hubbs absolutely hates it.  (sigh)

We have always seen eye to eye on the design of our home.  He’s nervous. :)

I wanted to start by showing you the evolution of this bathroom.  Some of you may remember this from a previous post.


The “Before” Before…

When we first moved in, this bathroom was covered in horrendous wallpaper from the early 90’s.  Ick.

I wanted to work with the existing countertops. Although they are not my fave,  I want to eventually replace the whole vanity.  I chose Wet Concrete by Ben Moore. (such a bad name) Its actually one of my fave BM colors. It appears very purple here, but it has a warm brownish-grey undertone to it.  I found the large silver mirror at Ross, and because of a small chip in one corner which was easily repairable, I paid under 

$50 for this beauty.  

Quick fixes until later.  “Later” was two years in the waiting….

With some bartering and budgeting….the Guest Bath went from Wet Concrete to 

Chocolate Brown, Crisp White and Sage – The “Before”

To this day….I love, love the wainscoting.  Such a simple change which added so much drama and detail to an otherwise architecturally bare room.

We also added a new tumbled marble floor. This was our splurge.

 Brown and White Transferware plates…

Some vintage accessories….

A No-Sew Window Treatment from a few yards of silk fabric from the clearance bin…

A little “bling” on the plain shade…I used self-adhesive gems from the scrapbooking section to

decorate the shade.

An over-the-toilet freestanding shelf was cut down to become a hanging wall shelf, and was filled with more

vintage treasures.

A vintage silver tea-cake stand filled to the brim with local seashells.  I live on the coast. My home may not be a

“Coastal” home but there will always be shells around. :) 

The silver mirror from my previous re-do

And now the “After”…

(well, until I decide if I am going to go back to the “Before.”) haha

A coat of white to make the vanity crisp and clean…and about 2 hours of fun shopping…

 Love, love this modern bowl filled with glass orbs from Pier1.  I used some sea glass as a filler.


 A square white dish holds a bath sponge and a pretty teal blue soap dispenser. 


What started this concept?  Besides me need to un-gold and de-red my home? 

These two pics. I found them at Marshall’s and fell head-over-heels in love with them.

I have a “thing” for birds….which I find ironic since I love cats. haha

I paid $19.99 each!!!!  woot woot

 This is the other culprit…this beauty of a lamp.  I love the linen burlap-ish shade.  I might try adding something to it, but for now…I am trying to wrap my mind around the simpleness of it.

You know I have to add my signature flower arrangements. :)
A wooden container of grasses found on clearance at Ross for $12.99 created the perfect base for this arrangement…all it needed was four orchid stems. How is that for easy-peasy?  

 Another No-Sew Window Treatment….this time using a single curtain panel. Love the fun polka dots.

 Here’s a closer detail of the flooring.  Love these tiles.  Fluffy rugs keeps things soft and warm under foot.

More sea glass was added to the existing container of shells.  Love how this looks paired with the vintage silver stand.

 Devin “Roo Roo” loves how it matches his “pie pie.”  😀

More square white plates replace the transferware.  And the ole’ silver mirror…still standing faithful duty.

So there is the “After #3.”  Whatcha think?  Keep in mind this is a little bit more Modern than I am envisioning for the rest of the home. But, I am seeing touches of vintage, mixed with more neutral colors, sea grass rugs…and still some seashells here and there.  Not sure what that style would be classified as….but that’s okay – I like that my home is “Declassified.”  hah

Which “Before” do you like better?  The Vintage Before or the “Transitional Modern Before?”

I need to decide before too long….I am eyeing my kitchen next.  You know those red cabinets everyone has so adored…..???  Yep…they are outta here.  They will be painted white within the next few weeks.

Oh and by the way….the white cabinets is all because of a new blog I discovered…. 

“for the love of a house.”   Thanks a lot, Joan – its ALL your fault.  LOL

And if you have not been to Jane’s blog…please run over as quick as you can.  But be prepared to have your breat stolen away.  Oh yea….and want to change everything about your house. :)

Thanks my bloggy freinds….for letting me share.  By the way, just a quick update on my Design Star audition. After a successful Atlanta audition and two call-backs…its been three long weeks since I have heard anything. Unfortunately, they work under the theory of “don’t call us, we’ll call you.” 

For anyone interested…here is the link to the SECOND video I had to submit.  It was not my greatest work.  But, there is next year.  Plus, I am excited to announce that I will be producing several “How-To” videos, and possibly my own online show.  More details to come!  :)

Have a great week….Barb

I am participating in:

Met Monday: 

Between Naps on the Porch

DIY Project Parade: The DIY Showoff 

Sunday Showcase Party: Under the Table and Dreaming

Masterpiece Monday: Boogieboard Cottage 

 Wow Us Wednesday: Savvy Southern Style


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  1. says

    Oh I have loved all three. Of course I like the last one because of the wall color. Your touches o blue are really new for you. It looks absolutely fantastic. You couldn’t possibly do a bad room. I know I will love it all when you are done. Funny how our styles change isn’t it. This is going to be fun to see all the changes.

    View Comment
  2. says

    Hi Barb, Your bathroom looks really pretty with the blue! My friend Sherry has a beautiful home with lots of blue, silver and golds. You might want to check it out on my blog. I posted it several months ago and recently for Christmas. She has two homes…one here and one in Dallas. Her home here is in reds and golds so she wanted to do something totally different in Dallas. Anyway, I do love the blue, and might even add a little to my house. I saw alot of it mixed in with the rusty reds, golds and greens at market. I do understand wanting to change too, especially after looking at all of the wonderful blogs doing so many things in the blues and neutrals. However, I will be keeping my reds and golds for a while…they make me happy! Looking forward to seeing your kitchen..Have a great day!! Kristen

    View Comment
  3. says

    I love the brown sage and vintage look!!! I am about to redo our master bath and I have already gotten lots of great ideas from this post!!! It is ALL beautiful, however, so guess i am no help!!!

    View Comment
  4. says

    Barb first I loved your audition! You’re very soothing to listen to…Not in a fall asleep kind if way *winks* But in a blood pressure reducing kind of way! Lol! I hope they call you back soon.

    I loved both bathrooms but in the newest reincarnation those bird pictures are the bomb! And I also love the touches of blue (especially the rugs) I’m not much of a blue gal but I really love that aqua sea glass blue! Vanna

    View Comment
  5. says

    Going through each “before” pic, I thought, it can’t get better than this but it did! I LOVE the newest look, the choc brown with the blue colour accessories looks wonderful! The floral arrangement bird prints and glass orbs are terrific! That “Devin” is a natural at showing off home reno’s!


    View Comment
  6. says

    Hi Barb, I love the before and the after!! I’m a big fan of mixing chocolate and aqua together I think it’s so pretty. Lovin how you accessorized. I’ve been a big fan of your beautiful home for sometime now and always loved your beautiful red kitchen. I added you to my sidebar so I can keep up with all your lasted projects!! Enjoy your weekend, Martina

    View Comment
  7. says

    I like your new look. And I love your floors! Just found your lovely blog via Melissa. I was lucky to be featured too! I’m your newest follower and would be delighted to have you follow me back. I’m enjoying browsing around your blog.
    Have a wonderful day!

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  8. says

    Just found your blog via Melissa’s and so glad I did! I will be following along and it appears as though I have a great deal to catch up with.

    Your bathroom re-do is beautiful! I adore those pictures with the birds and the lamp…nice touches. I adore that silver mirror! If you ever tire of it, let me know. The sage green was very pretty. Perhaps keep this look for the warmer weather and, if you so desire, go back to the sage in the fall. The shells and the turquoise touches look very warm weatherish. ha *new word*

    I can’t imagine getting rid of red! It’s my signature color. :-)
    Stop by and say hi when you can.


    View Comment
  9. says

    Barb, this looks fabulous! I like the final “before”! I love the chocolate brown walls…and the accent colors you’ve used along with the “vintage modern” feel! Looking forward to seeing your kitchen redo!
    Have a beautiful week~
    ;-D Kathleen

    View Comment
  10. says

    I love the beautiful bird prints, and what a deal. I like both of the ways you’ve decorated your bathroom. Have you thought of just changing the accessories with the seasons, one set for Spring/Summer, and one for Fall/Winter? That way you don’t really have to decide which is best, and you get to enjoy different colors at different times. Great job, whatever you decide.

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  11. says

    OMGoodness, this last “after” is gorgeous! I love the turquoise blue with the chocolate brown walls! The wainscoting is gorgeous. The bird pics are fantastic! Love the whole room!!!
    I love Joan’s blog too!!!!! Have been following her for a month or 2. GORGEOUS!!!! Make sme want to throw out EVERYTHING and start over:):) Please stop over to see what I did today if you get a minute! XO, Pinky

    View Comment
  12. says

    Barb, I love them all, but more than anything I’d love to know the name of the brown paint color. I have a deep sage and white bathroom and have been looking for just the right shade of brown and this is it!! You’ve inspired me!!! I also want to be on the lookout for an over the toilet hutch like that one you have, too.
    I have gotten so many ideas from your post, I’m just giddy with excitement!
    Thank you for all the inspirations and GOOD LUCK!!

    View Comment
  13. Betty819 says

    Barb, It is so good to see your post again. Wished I had your size bathroom. Seeing your beautiful bathroom gives me some inspiration to redo our main bathroom over. We’ve been here 6 1/2 years and even thought we have painted over the contractor’s white, I want to replace the toilet, vanity, flooring and repaint. There is a ceiling skylight in both bathrooms which we love. Did that mirror in the bathroom come as a mirror or is that a beautiful frame that you had a mirror installed in it. I love it! I’ve saw somewhere on a blogspot where somebody had a frame built around the mirror that was glued to the wall and the framing made it looked finished off beautifully.

    I miss your postings and seeing your beautiful home and all the projects you do there. Do you still have the real estate office?

    View Comment
  14. says

    Barb, what an amazing makeover!!! So many clever touches…from the $50 mirror and wainscoting to the sugar bowl and shells. You did such a great job of transformation! I am so inspired. My master bath is in sad need of a similar face lift…perhaps I’ll get started on it after seeing your wondrous work! Thank you so much for sharing.

    View Comment
  15. Betty819 says

    Your Bathroom makeover is beautiful! Never thought I’d like the dark chocolate color but with all the white wainscoating adds so much, plus the teal/aqua color you added just sets it off and add elegance. Thanks for the inspiration! It’s given me many ideas. Don’t you just love Pier 1? Kirklands is another favorite place but we have to drive 1 1/2 hours to find that store. Good thing I don’t work there, I’d never be able to take a paycheck home!

    View Comment

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