Our Trip to England: Tetbury in the Cotswold Pt 4

Our Trip to England: The Cotswalds

We planned our drive through the Cotswalds 
with a few choice towns and villages in mind.
But, we also just winged it – according to what our
 tummies were saying –
i.e. whether or not it was time for a pub stop.  :)

Tetbury was one of these “unexpected” towns.
I fell in love immediately, and honestly – could see 
myself living in a town like this to live out 
my golden years.

We started out with some lunch at one of the local pubs before doing some shopping and walking about.

Meet “Charles.” He greeted us at the Pub, The Snooty Fox.
(I wonder if he was named thus for his “ears.”)

This particular trip to England was probably our 6th or 7th 
visit to this beautiful Country.  But, being there for 
Christmas gave it a very special feeling. 

The quaint towns were not decorated as you would 
see here, or in London. Simple touches of live 
greenery decorated window boxes and shop fronts. 

If you are not familiar with British roads, they do 
not have “intersections” as we do, they have 
“round-abouts” as seen above.

Tetbury dates back to the 7th Century.  Its roots are deep within a wool and  yarn industry.  The Market House, built in 1655, still stands today with its large pillars.

It wasn’t “Market Day” but there was one 
vendor selling these.


I didn’t show Cole this pic.  :-O

One of my favorite stops and conversations was in a Butcher Shop.

It was something out of a Dickens novel.

The dear, sweet Owner found out we were visiting from 
America, and insisted we sample some of her fares.
How we could we say no?  :)

When we left the Butcher, our bellies full of tasty samples, 
I spied an antique shop that was calling my name. 

But first, we had to allow the local “traffic” to pass by…

This was one of many small antique shops tucked around the town.

Happy Barb!

Lucky for Bill’s wallet, my suitcases were already full.

Otherwise, this beauty would have come home with me.
As well as, that old stone wall behind it.

Afterwards, we visited a cute little shop where all profits 
benefited theEnglish Heritage Foundation, which 
supports the upkeep and care of Britain’s Castles 
and Cathedrals and historic Landmarks.  

I actually had a little melt-down in here.  
So many lovelies – so little luggage space.

I mentally purchased some of these…

a few of these….

one of these…

This whole display…

and this entire setting…

(look at that bike!  Remember my Garden post?)  :)

Our tour of Tetbury came to end, and we got into the car and headed down the road to our next planned destination.

A Pub!  :)

But not just any Pub.  This historical Pub and Inn,  sits 
at the beginning – or the “Head” of the Thames River.  
We thought it would be cool to take a pic of the 
beginning of the Thames, until we found out it was a
 2-mile walk through some wet and muddy fields.  
After a bit of conversing and talking it over, we 
“convinced” ourselves that it would be a better idea to just 
go inside, sit by the fire and enjoy a pint…. or two.  :)

You saw “Happy Barb.”  Meet “Happy Bill.”

You just can’t recreate the quaintness of these pubs.

So that’s our visit through Tetbury.  We’re back in the car, making our way through the beautiful Cotwalds. 

Please join us as we journey towards Chipping Camden.

If you would like to start over at the beginning of the tour,
click HERE.

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  1. says

    I love your pictures. I’ve only made one trip to England (London) and I thoroughly enjoyed that. I’m more used to traveling around Mexico. But your pictures show the most charming aspect to England. I love it!! Thanks for sharing.
    Ladybug Creek

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  2. says

    I really enjoyed your post! Have you ever read any Martha Grimes Mysteries? She write a British mystery. All the names of her books are British pubs. I thought of her books when you mentioned “The Snooty Fox”! I could picture her Richard Jury in many of the photos you shared! Thanks for the trip!

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  3. says

    Makes me want to jump through the computer and join you….I was talking to my sister today about us going in 2 years….she’s been several times herself. I told her about your post on Hever Castle but she said they didn’t go there even though she wanted to. She did say to be sure to go to the Tower.

    Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful trip. I showed your pics to my husband in hopes of getting him inspired!


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  4. says

    I have so enjoyed the tour of Jolly Ole England you have given us through the pictures and your narrative so much. I can see why you would want to retire there some day. It looks like the perfect place for you and Mr. Grits with your love for English history. Thanks so much for taking us along with you!

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