Just a few more Easter decorations…

I know time is drawing near…

Spring and warmer weather that is. 
It’s a time when the Earth renews itself,
and the front porch at The Everyday Home
gets a good scrubbing.
It’s also time to switch out the Winter Wreath
for a bright and cheerful SPRING WREATH.
How to Make a Spring Wreath by The Everyday Home
Our front door is red.  So creating a Spring Wreath
has always been a bit tricky.
I started with this chippy-white painted metal basket.
How to Make a Spring Wreath by The Everyday Home
Some of you may recognize it as an old 
Southern Living @ Home piece.
(now Willow House)
Here it is on my front door.
I told you it was red.
How to Make a Spring Wreath by The Everyday Home
I started with a base of silk greenery…
How to Make a Spring Wreath by The Everyday Home
Then, with a few tucks here and a few tucks there…
How to Make a Spring Wreath by The Everyday Home
I ended up with this.
I found some great forsythia stems at the
Dollar Store.  $1 each! Score!
How to Make a Spring Wreath by The Everyday Home
I have seen similar stems at Michael’s for
3x’s that amount.
How to Make a Spring Wreath by The Everyday Home
The other silks I already had, so I only have about
$6 invested in this arrangement.
How to Make a Spring Wreath by The Everyday Home
I added pink to play up the red door.
How to Make a Spring Wreath by The Everyday Home
I love how it turned out.
Once that was done, I moved inside…
I had to take down the formal
Dining Room Tablescape.
It just wasn’t practical with that big honking
centerpiece and layer after layer of plates.
I wanted a smaller centerpiece which would be
conducive to conversation…
Spring Decoration Ideas by The Everyday Home
Lowe’s had these irresistible pink Gerbera daisies.
I added a few silk white hyacinth stems at the base.
Spring Decoration Ideas by The Everyday Home
More Dollar Store finds – pussy willow stems –
were added in a tee-pee design and secured with a 
mini-gingham ribbon.
I wish I could take credit for this idea, but I saw it on
(where else) Pinterest.
Spring Decoration Ideas by The Everyday Home
I couldn’t resist adding some touches of Spring
to one of my fave Frenchy Roo’s.
Spring Decoration Ideas by The Everyday Home
I used real sprigs of ivy, silk daffodils, fresh rosemary 
and twigs. 
Spring Decoration Ideas by The Everyday Home
It sits on my kitchen island.
So can you stand a few more projects or are you saying
enough already?  :)
Spring Decoration Ideas by The Everyday Home
I borrowed the cute little cloche and bunnies from my
Inside Out Terrarium.  See that project HERE.
Spring Decoration Ideas by The Everyday Home
I placed it on a white cake stand, and it sits on the
Dining Room sideboard where I will set up an
Easter Dessert Buffet.
Spring Decoration Ideas by The Everyday Home
I just love those little bunny faces.
So, about 2 o’clock the rain finally cleared, and
my gardening partner and I made a wild dash for the
great outdoors.
Well, I dashed – Bitty Kitty kinda just sauntered.
My rosemary is OUT OF CONTROL!
This is what it looks like AFTER I trimmed it back.
I cut two armloads of rosemary.
This is the leftover pile.
I saved some for drying.  I also added some to the
front door arrangement which I showed you earlier.
Along with some other shrubbery clippings I created this…
I have these two planters at the bottom of the front
steps.  They need a little something-something because
the dead  “stumps” of last Fall’s mums just didn’t
give that “Spring” feel I was going for.  :-)
And do you see that ivy creeping across the steps?
I am training it so it will eventually cover the
kickplate of each step.
I originally saw this in Charleston. 
Isn’t this the prettiest look ever?
I have a long way to go, but it’s getting there.
So that’s about all I did today.

Well, that – and pulled my back out really, really bad.


Thank heaven for Hot Tubs, wine and
Bayer Back and Body.  That’s all I am gonna say.
Bitty Kitty was plumb tuckered out, too.
Thank you for letting me share my last-minute

Easter decorations with you.

One final little sneakie peakie –
this is a shot of my breakfast room with my “new”
Dropcloth Curtains.
(sorry, dark pic – camera phone)

The Breakfast Room at The Everyday Home


I will go into more detail about them next week.
Trying to decide if I like that ribbon design at the top. 
I hope you are happy and busy and preparing for
your Easter Celebrations.

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xxoo, Barb

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  1. says

    Barb I just showed my Mom all the pretties you have made for Easter and we both marveled at your creativity. Have fun with Shirley tomorrow, and tell her Hi from California!! Love you dear friend,

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  2. says

    I like the design at the top of your new drapes, Barb. I was just wondering what you used/did to get that. It sounds like you had a real busy day! I love all the arrangements. I had a lot of evergreens at our old house and used to use cuttings from them to dress up some pots for Winter. This year I did it here with some faux ones I got at Hobby Lobby. Happy Easter and enjoy your visit with Shirley! Tell her I said hey! : )

    View Comment
  3. says

    Barb! You have been a busy girl! Wow! You do Easter/Spring on a really grand level. I love it all! You have put most of us to shame. That ivy along the steps is beautiful..AND…so is your sweet Kitty. Makes me miss mine even more- I love your drop cloth curtains, too.

    oh…and I LOVE that front door basket/floral piece. It is gorgeous. I am saving it to my files to steal the idea…er..I mean try to create for myself! xo Diana

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  4. says

    What a great post this is! Love the front door decor (I use branch baskets and I always like to see how p[eople fill a door container). The pussy willow Pinterest idea is really cool. My rosemary is going insane also and I’ve been know to add it to my floral arrangements too. That idea with the ivy on the kickplates is going to be stunning. Happy Easter and thanks for all the ideas!

    Robin Flies South

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  5. says

    Barb, I’m having so much fun looking at all your great arrangements. I love your front door basket and never thought of looking at the Dollar Tree for flower stems. I like your use of the rosemary clippings and training the ivy along the steps. Hugs and glad your back is better. Happy Easter!

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  6. says

    Hi Barb! Never would I tire of seeing your marvelous projects! You’re are the smartest and most creative one! Love them all and I want to wish you and your family a blessed Easter.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

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  7. says

    Well, I had the pleasure of seeing everything in person and it was all so beautiful…yes, folks, if you think things are beautiful on the screen, you should see it in person!!!…Gorgeous…AND, those kitties are the best.talk about beautiful and gorgeous…

    We had lots of fun, talking and eating!!

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  8. says

    Oh my goodness! First, I’m totally in love with all of your displays, especially the first one. But then, we get a sneak peek of your breakfast area! I’m in LOVE! You have such talent, my friend!

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  9. says

    Wow, what a beautiful home. I’m a southern girl too, and I can’t wait to get home and have some real grits.I’m so glad I found your blog via Boogieboard Cottage. I’m a new follower so we can stay connected. I would love if you stopped by and followed too. Lori

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