Late for the Party….My Kitchen Reveal

I know, I know – I can hear you now.

I said I would reveal my kitchen next week.

To be honest, I wanted to get a few details completed
 before I did. Such as changing the curtains,  painting my
breakfast room table,  sewing a new runner,
etc, etc, etc.

It’s what makes a room….and drives us nutty!


But, today is the last day of the magazine search at
Whisperwood Cottage for the
Cottages and Bungalows Magazine.

Wouldn’t you know?  I woke up this morning,
the sun was shining brightly into my kitchen like it does
every morning (well, when its not raining)…

and lo and behold my kitchen was WHITE!

(and clean. That helps when photographing a room)

So, I took some quick shots and although I am coming to the
 party extra, extra tardy – I come wearing my best party dress.

“The Everyday Home Kitchen –
Dressed in Her Best White Party Dress!”

You saw the pics I posted previously, showcasing my new
 silver water pitcher overflowing with fresh cut 
honeysuckle and grapevine…

The pic above was taken later in the afternoon.

Here is another shot from this morning.  The sun wakes
us up every morning, well….maybe its the cats but
“the sun” sounds so much prettier.

I haven’t changed my copper sink yet, but its on the list of
“still to do.”  That, and adding carerra.  
(note to self: buy more lottery tickets)

I love the play of this white Italian platter against 
the white painted brick.
(Did you know this was “faux” brick? I will repost
details later.)

I added a shelf to the open niche where we had previously
taken down some cabinet doors.  It is stained to match the
wood countertops.

I use some of my blue and white cups inside my 
glass canisters as scoops.

You saw my new/old basket which I filled with Cookbooks
and then added one of my vintage scales filled to the brim
with speckled-brown and white farm eggs.

In many ways, I feel our new white kitchen has brought me back
to my Farm Girl Roots.  I wouldn’t say I have a 
Farm-style Kitchen, per say –
but there are definitely small touches here and there.

Simple, white pitchers hold cooking utensils.

And on now to the favorite side of my kitchen…
The Breakfast Area…

This is where we eat 99.9% of our meals,
We do homework and color with our grandsons, 
its where I sit and blog, and where I have sat up all hours of
the night waiting for a phone call from my son in Iraq, whom
I hadn’t heard from in over a week.

In some ways, its the favorite part of our home.

My black painted hutch, which used to be filled with
my collection of pink and white Staffordshire,
but now runneth over with Blue and White pieces,
mostly collected in England.

This cute little blue cabinet was recently purchased at
Kirkland’s, and I love it.
It’s the perfect size for holding linens.

It is also the color inspiration which I will soon be painting 
my Dining Room.  I absolutely adore it.

I love how the blue picks up on the subtle tones in
the new paisley parsons chairs.  I have two of these, 
one on each end.

And to keep from being so matchy-matchy-

…I added four of these.  I love the large nail-head
details of these chairs.

I guess in some ways, this room should be called
The Memory Room
instead of a breakfast room.

Laughing, tear-wiping, recipe planning, goal setting…

…a room filled with life and made for living…

It’s just an Everyday Home.

Thanks for letting me share.

I will be joining

The competition is fierce. And by “fierce” I mean there are
some BEAUTIFUL kitchens on display.

Please check them all out you will be glad you did.

I am joining the following Linky Parties:

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Have a Blessed Week!….

Barb, The Everyday Decorator

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  1. says

    Barb, I love all your changes. Oh the white cabinets speak to my heart. I have oak, and would love to paint them and all the trim in the house. Well…. we know that’s NOT going to happen, so I continue to dream. Love the platter on your faux brick. How did you hang it girl, it looks like it weighs a ton. I have 3 I want to hang and cannot find a hanger strong enough for them… Love your “memory” room aka the breakfast room. Hugs ~lynne~

    View Comment
  2. says

    Barb your kitchen looks gorgeous in white! Love the aqua blue accents as well. I had my eye on the sideboard as well. I just could not figure out where to add fit it in our home. *Smiles*

    Congrats on your new office space as well. Enjoy your week!

    View Comment
  3. says

    Barb…Your kitchen is fantastic…but you got me at the kitchen table…waiting for the phone call from your son who was in iraq…the thought of a mom sitting at the table worried about the safety of her child…I truly thank him for his service to our country!

    OK…regrouping…I love the subtle changes that you made…it just made the kitchen pop with a cheery life….
    Great job Barb…knocked it out of the park and beyond..

    View Comment
  4. says

    What a beautiful kitchen and dinette. I love that you have so many memories attached to it. I hope you have heard from your son by now?

    I love the crisp, fresh feel of your room and the chairs are great-as is the little Kirkland cabinet. PERFECT- xo Diana

    View Comment
  5. says

    Hi Barb,
    Love your new kitchen look. Of course, I like the old one too. Love those red cabinets.

    Are you going to sell your Copper Sink? If so, how much and what does it cause to ship something like that. I was justing looking at Copper Sink? How wide is your opening.
    Glad you are doing okay. This is Connie from the old CSCI forum.
    I have another email addy than what is listed. cal051997@hotmail.
    PS: Are you selling your facuet too?
    Connie, IN

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  6. says

    Hi Barb, I love the transformation so far and by so far I mean I know you will be making more changes, improving along the way, but it looks pretty perfect to me. Love the new look!! xo Kathysue

    View Comment
  7. says

    Absolutely fabulous post! Your new decor absolutely clicked with me. I now have a buttom for you which is right next to my friends Laura at White Spray Paint and Nancy at Nancy’s Notes.
    Have a great week.
    Ladybug Creek

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  8. says

    Only one word my dear friend BEAUTIFUL all your hard work shows with the love in your home..I pray all is well in your world..May you have a Blessed week Barb..did I ever tell you my first born is named Barbra?
    Hugs and smiles Gloria

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  9. says

    Hi Barb. You may have been late to the party, but I’m late reading this post! I love all of the changes in your kitchen. How did you hang the platter above your sink? I’ve used Command Strips to hang a few things from tile, but have been afraid to try it with anything heavy and breakable. Love the open shelves and of course your breakfast area is just lovely! Good luck in the contest – your kitchen certainly looks magazine worthy to me!

    View Comment
  10. says

    Just beautiful, Barb! I love the eating area with your darling piece from Kirklands and those great nail head chairs. I had not found much I liked at Kirkland’s in the past couple of years (although I used to be a big fan) but it looks like they have re-styled…I found a great lamp in there that I had seen on their “Pinning Parlour” over on Pinterest. Can’t wait to see your dining room re-do too.

    View Comment
  11. says

    Beautiful kitchen, you did an amazing job with your new reveal, I totally love it! Your kitchen is so warm, inviting and so pretty too. I’m sure you enjoy cooking and eating in such a lovely place now. Lots of hugs,

    View Comment
  12. says

    Your rooms are so pretty! I love what you say about your dining room being more than that. I appreciate your feelings about waiting for a phone call from your son in the military. I have done the same thing with my daughter while she was in the navy, and now my oldest son is also joining the navy! I found your blog through savvy southern style. I’m going to go back and read it from the beginning!

    View Comment
  13. says

    Your rooms are so pretty! I love what you say about your dining room being more than that. I appreciate your feelings about waiting for a phone call from your son in the military. I have done the same thing with my daughter while she was in the navy, and now my oldest son is also joining the navy! I found your blog through savvy southern style. I’m going to go back and read it from the beginning!

    View Comment
  14. says

    Your kitchen is lovely but the breakfast room wow! I can see why it’s your favorite room. A lot of light must come in that window. Love the way you mixed up the chair patterns and put the paisley chairs on the ends and the blue cabinet just adds the perfect punch! I have that same topiary print and love it! I also love the look of black cabinets and furniture. I can see why you were featured on Wow us Wednesday”s at Savy Southern Style because you broke the mold!

    View Comment
  15. says

    Holy Cow…this is my favorite breakfast room of all time. It is fabulous.
    I want faux farm eggs (wonder where I get them?)
    I want faux white brick
    I want your kitchen
    I want this breakfast room….BAAAD
    XO bj

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  16. says

    I am in love with your breakfast room. I saw you featured over at At The Picket Fence. I am so impressed with everything. I think that cabinet from Kirklands is just perfect. Adore the color.

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  17. says

    Barb, I’m hopping over from Looksi. Everything looks beautiful…and I LOVE your breakfast room. I can see how it is your favorite room. I’ve had my eye on that blue chest from Kirklands for a long time. I love it. And the fabrics on the chairs is so pretty. I love that you mixed it up, too.

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