Re-arranging Furniture…in the Garden?

I have blogged in the past about the fact that I love 
quirky and unusual things in a garden.

Here is a recent post about garden surprises.

I have a few old bistro chairs which I will be adding to
my garden, but in an unusual way.

As planters.

All you have to do to convert a standard chair is to simply add a wire basket to the “seat”and plant with your favorite flowers, moss or succulents.
I form a basket with chicken wire and then
attach it to the chair with wire.  
Then, I line the basket with moss to hold in the soil.
Easy Peasey!

I will post pics and how-to’s as I go along.

But for now, look at the great examples I 
found on Pinterest.

I love the little addition of the bird house above.

Even an everyday Adirondack gets dressed up for the Garden.

How’s this for an instant pop of color?  
A flower pot, painted the same color as the chair, was
 inserted into the seat area.  How easy is that?

Source: via Barbara on Pinterest

I love this vintage chair with pretty pink and fuschia flowers.

Source: via Barbara on Pinterest

An old bent willow chair makes the perfect planter when
its useful life is over.  

And now for my favorite.

You know I have always wanted a French Bergere chair…

Source: via Barbara on Pinterest

I guess I can have one in my garden!
I love this one planted with a mossy-like ground cover. 

And this isn’t exactly a chair….but it makes me smile.

Isn’t this wicker settee simply charming?

How cute would this be tucked under a shade tree with succulents and moss?  I might have to scout out an old wicker piece and give this a try, as well.

Hope everyone along the East Coast has survived Tropical Storm Beryl.  We are on the tail end of it here today in Coastal NC.
It has brought some much needed rain, and also makes for the perfect day to catch up on some blogs, sleep and old movies.

xxoo, barb 

ps – I do have a new name for my new shop.  I am having a logo designed and will reveal it in a few days.  :)




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  1. I use to have a chair planter in my garden. But, unfortunately it was ruined over time by the elements. Love all that you have shown. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. I love all those chairs and often think how much I would enjoy having one in my garden.

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  3. how fun is that to use chairs as planters!

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  4. Barb, these chairs are adorable! I’ve used bistro chairs as plant stands; but, never removed the seats of chairs. These are so fun!

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  5. Barb – They all made me smile! The next to last was my fave – all so fun. Looking forward to “hearing” the name of your new shop.

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  6. I love chairs in the garden…I am looking for one now in fact…they only hold up for so long…but enjoyable!

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  7. Cute post, Barb! I love those chairs in the garden and would love to try this myself!
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

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  8. Barb-What great ideas. I love each and every one of them…Just darling photos. I love the French chair-so sweet! Can’t wait to hear your new name! xo Diana

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  9. I love them all Barb..I have an old Ice parlor chair sitting by my front door that I just love as it’s metal and held up great even with all our snow..Hope you have a GREAT day my dear friend..Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

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  10. Barb I love every single one of them!!!

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  11. These are great garden chairs….looking forward to seeing the one that you create…!! Those chairs just make you smile!!

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  12. These pictures are fantastic. You gave me inspiration. I will try this next year on my deck!!


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  13. These are all so cute, love this idea. Love you. Hugs, Marty

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