Trellis and Trailing Beauties…

I know that if I assembled a list of “My Favorite Things”…
somewhere along the way would be 
Trellis’ and All Things Climbing & Trailing.

Such as roses, and ivy and honeysuckle vines…

If you combine trellis’ with climbing and trailing flowers and plants…

… that’s about heaven!

When I think of a trellis, I think of two varieties.

A vegetable garden trellis which is the work-horse….

They can still be very pretty and almost ornamental in 
their own right.

And although you may think of the traditional trellis
created of white lattice work…

… to me it is the trellis that blends into the surroundings 
and looks as if Mother Nature had a plan all along.

Trellis’ can be round and traditional…

Square and classical…

… or whimsical and unique…

A project which is very high on my
 “Oh, I Really Want This Look List!”
 is this detail added above our garage doors…

Source: via Barbara on Pinterest

These trellis’ shown above cover a row of doors, but I can easy 
visualize this treatment above our garage doors, with a rich and abundant wisteria vine surrounding it.

Look at this beautiful trellis used to create a sense of privacy
on this front porch.

Source: via Barbara on Pinterest

I love this trellis that creates a wall.

Trellis’ are a great way to add architectural interest to any space…

Source: via Barbara on Pinterest
Source: via Barbara on Pinterest

Source: via Barbara on Pinterest

The trellis design has become very popular even in
 unexpected places…. look at this easy trellis design on a 
lampshade using simple gross grain ribbon. 

Do you also have a Trellis Love-Affair?

I’d love to hear all about it.

Hope you’re having a great week…
Blessings, Barb

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  1. says

    I am a trellis lover as well. We have several old apple picking ladders at random spots in our yard leaning against the fence for our climbing roses. My husband built a really pretty trellis for a spot and we have clematis for that. I have 3 that we purchased years ago that I am waiting for the hubs to connect in an upside down U (so to speak) and attach to one end of our porch for privacy. We have a wisteria that will grow on that, hopefully! Then a few weeks ago he came home with an old trellis arch that he rescued and has to rebuild….not sure where that will go, but I will find a spot for sure! Thanks for sharing these beautiful images!

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  2. says

    I love a pretty trellis too!! I have several in my yard as you can attest too. Love a lattice pattern like on the lamp shade. If I see that pattern I always think of a beautiful outdoor garden, fresh and airy!! Great examples,

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  3. says

    Oh yes…that wonderful “moon gate” is on my “honey do” list!! Love trellises of all kinds….the ones you featured are fantastic!!!…I used to have many trellises of bougainvillea in Florida…always looked gorgeous, but maybe I will get brave and try it up here…

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  4. says

    These are beautiful pictures and I enjoyed all the different trellises. I can’t have delicate flowers that need trellises since the animals would make them dinner LOL!


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  5. says

    What eye candy you’ve put together! I love trellises. I have an extremely old fountain that I’ve just planted a climbing rose by. My intent is to put a trellis over the fountain so the rose will grow over it. When the rose gets big enough (and I get the trellis – HA) I’ll post about it.

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