Are there certain things you are helplessly drawn to?

If you’re like me, you have a very long list.

I have always had a passion for anything architectural.

Moldings, Keystones, Ceiling Medallions and most of all…


Love them.

Chunky and carved.
Freshly painted and Chippy.
Old and New.

Love them all.

I am currently working on adding some architectural
 interest to my plain kitchen cabinets.

It’s not exactly my idea, in fact I am simply borrowing 
this idea from others, where I have seen the successful
 use of corbels to dress up a row of cabinetry so that they
 appear to look more “built-in.”

I left The Hubbs a “to-do” list for this coming week…

1.)  Buy Cat Food
2.)  Schedule carpets to be cleaned.
3) Remove the never-used gas logs.
4) …a multitude of house maintenance I won’t bore you with.

and, finally – 

5) Paint my new corbels and install them.

Who wants to take bets he may not find the time for #5?


So – until I get around to painting and hanging my corbels, 
I will share my Pinterest Board with some pretty inspirations.

Look at the upholstery tacks around the edges of this 
upper cabinet with corbels.

Source: via Barbara on Pinterest

I love these carved corbels with the fruit design.

I love the use of corbels under the countertop extension.

(note to self:  must have these, too)

Source: via Barbara on Pinterest

This look could be easily simulated with wood beads
from the craft store.  hmmmm…..

From The Lettered Cottage,  sweet Layla and Kevin took ordinary
builder-grade cabinets and made them look like
a vintage wall cabinet using corbels.

Wowzers!  Now THAT’S what I call Corbels

Source: via Barbara on Pinterest

I like the ways these go from cabinet to countertop, creating 
small sections within the counter space.

So you see, even a bit of architectural interest can go a long way.

I found mine at Lowe’s for about $42 each.

So, now the only questions remains – 
will The Hubbs be able to squeeze in a simple painting 
project in between his gold rounds?


It’s all about the details… Barb

*** To see this entire board on Pinterest, 
click on my Corbel Board.

To see all of my boards, click Barb Garrett’s Pinterest Boards.




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  1. Barb I do love corbels too and it’s one of the details I have on my list to add to cabinets when the kitchen gets redone one of these decades!

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  2. I agree, corbels and furniture feet make the kitchen special..

    those are great samples.

    looking forward to seeing yours.

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  3. Very pretty looks in your inspiration pictures, Barb! I like the look myself on cabinetry and under counters. Yours will look wonderful, I’m sure, whether hubby gets them up this week or next! : )

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  4. Hi Barb, Yep, I love corbels too. They just add so much charm to cabinets.

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  5. I love corbels underneath cupboards and I know the addition in your kitchen is going to look amazing. Tell Bill that Kathysue wants to see them as soon as possible. I am always here to help a fellow design enthusiast! xo

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  6. As you know…I love all things architectural…when looking for something for the walls, I first look for architectural elements vs. art…love, love corbels….good luck on creating yours!!!….

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  7. You made me remember what a wonderful addition corbels are. Simply beautiful! Love your pictures.

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  8. Oh Barb, they are going to look amazing in your kitchen. I love all of your pins, fabulous examples. I only have the ones on the island, but I do love them. Can’t wait to see them all done and installed. I also LOVE your new header. Perfect. Hugs, Marty

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  9. I am drawn to corbels and I love columns and pillars for some reason. I guess I like the ornate capitals on them. I just love those two things.


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  10. I completely agree!! I love corbels too!

    I have been eyeing the pinterest pic with the nailhead trim around the corbels as well. I don’t know what it is, the texture, the shiny-ness, but it almost hypnotizes me!

    I also really love the corbels under the island granite counter top.

    Great inspiration photos!

    Is this the new blog look? I really like it!

    Have a great week!

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  11. I have a thing for corbels too! Many, many, MANY corbel discussions were had between the hubs and I when we built our last house. Now all I have to do is mention the word to get an eye roll. lol Love all of the images that your shared! Happy 4th!

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  12. Loved this post, Barb. I, too love corbels. I enjoyed meeting you sooo much during Haven and look forward to keeping up with you. I’m just now getting back in the saddle as I’ve been waaay too busy. I’ve only been home 4 days (not consecutive) in the last 2 1/2 weeks!!! Can’t wait until Haven next year.

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