My Home Tour

Designing a New Blog is Hard Work.

Ok, not really that hard for me, since did all of the work. 

But, I am trying to finish up some small details,
such as adding pics and links to the Home Tour section.

At least the ones I am willing to share.  :-D

While creating my Home Tour, it made me realize 
that I had never really featured my Family Room
for example, except at Christmas Time.

And the pics of my Master Bedroom look like they were 
taken sans flash at midnight.

But that’s ok, it will make me strive harder 
(aka clean the room) so I can take new and better pics.

Until then, please enjoy this mini House Tour.
Many of you have already seen these spaces, so just
come on in and grab a glass of sweet tea while
my new friends take a look around.  


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  1. Loving your new look…can’t wait to see more of your home tour- xo Diana

  2. That’s okay, I’m still updating mine, Barb! : ) I fell behind with the updates we’ve been making and I just added a bunch of newer pictures this past week. Still have more to do, but it’s an “as I get time” project.

  3. Love the new look of your blog! One day, I need to get around to updating mine, too! And I love the mini tour of your beautiful home! Can’t wait to see more!

  4. Hi Barb! Your new blog dress looks beautiful! Love it.
    Love the snaps of your bathroom.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. lovin the new blog design. great job.

  6. Love your bath Barb..

    so hurry and finish your home so you can come here and help me with mine- K? lol

  7. Fun tour, Barb! I need to do this on my blog, too — on the to-do list! The guest bath is my fave. :)
    xo Heidi

  8. Finally did mine…as Debbie Doo’s lit a fire underneath me to finish it….Working on a new post for it…Love the bathroom wall color…Always love seeing the Christmas pic of your family room…terrific!!!

  9. I love seeing more of your home, Barb. I really, really like the blue that you’ve added. I had no idea that you have such a large family room! Thanks for the tour.

  10. The new blog design and your home are BEAUTIFUL!!!
    I love the new blue color in your living room, and the pics of your home all decorated for Christmas!!


  11. Love your bathroom and the little pops of turquoise. So pretty.

  12. Hey Barb, You’re looking good–and you’re right getting blog “make over” IS hard work even if someone else is doing the design.

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