Dressing Up Grocery Store Flowers {Day 3}

Fall, Fall Flowers, Fall Colors, Fall Decorating

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You might be wondering along about now – is every surface of my home covered with Fall Decor?

Well, not exactly…

But, close.  :)

Fall, Fall Flowers, Fall Colors, Fall Decorating

Generally, when I decorate a room, I like for there to be at least 2-3 areas that are decorated.  It spreads the joy throughout the room in small doses.

For Day 3, I am sharing the vignette on the small blue chest located in our Breakfast Room.

I did not go crazy with this small chest.  Well, I should say “crazy” for me, because “crazy” is in the eye of the beholder huh? :)

Because my table was set with a Fall Tablesetting… 

Fall, Fall Flowers, Fall Colors, Fall Decorating

..and my Breakfast Room Hutch was dressed in Fall Finery, as well… 

Fall, Fall Flowers, Fall Colors, Fall Decorating

This small chest received a simple addition of some flowers in an English pitcher and a few plates.

Fall, Fall Flowers, Fall Colors, Fall Decorating
Not just any flowers. “Grocery store flowers” to be exact.

You see, we are not blessed with a wholesale flower market or even a nearby Farmer’s market, or even a Trader Joe’s, where I can run and get really awesome bouquets of flowers.

Fall, Fall Flowers, Fall Colors, Fall Decorating

 But that’s ok, I always make do with the small bouquets I find at my local grocery store.  

You know the ones.  A mix of flowers and some basic fillers.  But, with a few added pumpkins (I used wooden skewers to add the pumpkins) and some grapevine…this simple bouquet leaves behind its “Wallflower” personality and becomes the Fall Festival Queen.

Fall, Fall Flowers, Fall Colors, Fall Decorating

Add some paisley plates with teal and orange and you have a simple Fall vignette.

Fall, Fall Flowers, Fall Colors, Fall Decorating

So, please – the next time you see a sad bouquet of grocery store flowers, bring them home – find a pretty container, dress them up a bit with some “jewelry” and add-ins – and watch how they make your home shine.

Fall, Fall Flowers, Fall Colors, Fall Decorating

This post brought to you by the flower Mum.  :)

Join me tomorrow for Day 4 of Five Days of Fabulous Fall.  I showcase my beautiful pink and white Staffordshire Soup Tureen planted will all things….well, Fall!  :)

Also, I am so excited to announce the

“Better Late Than Never” 

Thanksgiving Inspiration Blog Hop Party.

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It’s okay if you didn’t quite make the other parties.

(here’s a secret, I wasn’t ready either.)  :)

Now is your chance to Flaunt Your Fall!

Party starts Nov 5th.  Post your link on one blog and be seen on all four.  This party is

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It’s okay that you weren’t ready then, because its

“Better Late Than Never.”

{part of the “Better Late Than Never” series.}

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  1. says

    What a bounty of Fall in your dining room. You have been one very busy lady. I get flowers from the grocery store every week. A girl has to have some fresh flowers. I am sure all of your guest at Roos party were so impressed with all that you have done.
    xo Kathysue
    PS thank you for such a sweet comment on my post today, you are very generous with your words.

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  2. says

    You’re a great flower “mum”. Your arrangement is just gorgeous and I am still LOVING the way your hutch looks. For me, it’s as much fun to decorate for Fall as it is for Christmas–looks like you feel the same way- xo Diana

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  3. says

    I love “grocery store” flowers! We live in an area too that the only place to get flowers in the local grocery. We do have a floral shop that’s a bit pricy, but for “regular” days the grocery store flowers work beautifully. Plus I feel a bit sorry for them sitting in those green vases just waiting for someone to pick them up and take them home. You can guess why I such a hard time at the Humane Society!

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  4. says

    Hi Barb! It all looks amazingly beautiful. I adore those paisley plates you’ve used atop the buffet. And if I had the time and resources ~ I would decorate my entire house to reflect the beauty in each season and holiday…I think it’s great!

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