Handmade Invites on PicMonkey: A Tutorial

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I need to admit that I have a love affair with  PicMonkey and Ribbet.

Remember the Blog Header Tute I shared with you a few months ago?  

I used Ribbet for this tute.  Yep. Love it. 

Not the kind of love one gets upon eating homemade pimiento cheese on Triscuits.

Not even the kind of love you feel when an ebay find arrives at your door carried by the hot mailman.

But, I do love these two programs all the same.

Why?  Well, because Photoshop kicks my boo-tay and I can’t seem to even get a pic to upload right.

I think a better name for PicMonkey and Ribbet should have been “Editing for Dummies.”

Yep, much better.

I wanted to create some cute invites for my Grandson’s upcoming 3d Birthday Party.  Now that I see how easy it is, I may never buy invites again.

All you need are some blank notecards.  I went to Staples and bought Avery brand blank notecards.

Then, I found a cute graphic online.  I found this one on Google images.

I used Ribbet because they have these super cute Halloween fonts and add-ons.  Pic Monkey does too, but the editing is a bit easier at Ribbet.

So here’s all I did….step by step.

Start Editing.  Take notes.  It gets harder.  😀

Make a Collage.

#3) Choose the size and kind of collage you wish to work with.  
#4) Upload any graphics or pics you wish to use.
Drag your graphic to the collage.

#5) With the editing tools (#6) you can play around with the placement of the pic(s). 

#7) Choose the background color desired.

#8) This is optional, but you can add a border.  Go to “Frames” then choose a border you like.  I chose
(#9) “Border.”  😀

#10) You can add multiple borders, then change the color for a contrasting outline. (#11)  The default color is always black, fyi.

12) Next you can add fun little decorative touches.
To add the spider web, I went to “Stickers,” chose a graphic I wanted from the right, then clicked on the spider web.  You can drag the outer white box around the graphic to increase or decrease the size, flip it around, etc .  You can also drag the graphic to place it where you want it.

#13) What is a spider web without a spider?

#14) Finally, add text.  I love all of the cute Ghoulish fonts they have available.

Finally….save/name your project and you are done.  To create the invites, I simply used the template online at Avery.com for the product I had bought.

I even personalized the inside by using more font to personalize the invitation.  Roo Bear LOVED this….

(*This was done in PicMonkey.)  

So there you go.  Never, ever buy boring, plain ole’ invites or notecards again.  Not as long as there is…

(that’s me, that’s me!)

By the way, I also printed the graphic out on cardstock to create cupcake toppers.  I just attached the cut out graphic to the top of a toothpick.  Easy, peasy!


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    Great tutorial, Barb! I just started using PicMonkey after it was mentioned several times at the Conference and I love how easy it is!

    This is a great option to use if I didn’t want to use my graphics program!

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