Christmas Buffet

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You know – pictures are a funny thing.
For that matter, blogs are a funny thing.

We let you see the pretty parts, and try to hide the not so pretty parts.

For my final sneaky-peeky this week, I am sharing my Dining Room buffet.  
The Dining Room is about 80% complete. 

The other 20% consists of leftover pine and grapevine clippings, paper bits, faux snow scattered here and there – and just an abundance of stuff which doesn’t belong there.

Yes, there are lots of cute touches all around…

Like my Staffordshire tureen filled to the brim with two grocery store trees and an ivy topiary.

My cute little Target birdies flew right in and took up residence for Christmas.

And within the mess, there are cute handmade tags I stamped with a simple message…

… and a hand cut star on script scrapbooking paper with our initial…

But, just beyond this buffet in my Dining Room is this…

(iphone pic)

What?  You thought life at The Everyday Home
was all sugar plum fairies and candy canes?  😀

Some of you are probably gasping right now.
Well, welcome to my world.  The life of a creative mind is not a pretty site.  LOL

But, let’s get back to the pretties.  I do NOT want that last image to be the one which is your last impression.  

In a few more days, I should have everything all decorated.  All the lights strung and the garlands hung – all the candy canes in glass jars and the stockings hanging on the fireplace. 

All the bits and pieces will be swept up and put away in their rightful places.   

– and we will all be able to sit back and eat cookies and read blogs and watch Christmas Lifetime movies and eat more cookies…

Cause every year it always looks like chaos before the calm.   My good friend, Kathysue at Good Life of Design, would say – “enjoy the process.”

I am, my friend.  :)

Have a great weekend everyone!  xxoo

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  1. says

    Your decorating is beautiful!! I love the soup tureen with the greenery. Your home is beautiful, even with the one you feel is not picture perfect.
    You should see my upstairs right now. I can hardly walk in my craft room. The loft room has Christmas boxes and decorations strung everywhere and there are pine needles that need to be vacuumed. But Christmas is worth every moment of the mess. It is my favorite time of the year.

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  2. says

    Barb I love how you always keep it real. You are making some wonderful progress around your beautiful Christmas home!! Thanks for the mention, so glad to hear your are….”Enjoying The Process!”
    xo Kathysue

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  3. says

    Barb~ I love your post today. So true. You always have a mess but it makes it worth it to have the cozy feeling of being around the cheerfulness of your surroundings. To see your child light up to see it Christmas time at home and for your hubby to come in from work and say it looks so welcoming to come home. It just brightens our life.

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  4. says

    Barb, I love that you can admit to stuff being real! Love your decorations and the process part too. Looks so warm and inviting. And the pinecone with the star – I think that may be my favorite element (although it all looks great!) Have a wonderful weekend!

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  5. says

    Your buffet looks beautiful, Barb! You’ve gotta have the mess to get to beautiful. : ) I felt so much better just getting rid of the bins I took decorations out of. Back in the attic they went {until January}. Love the way you did the tureen. I just plunked a Rosemary tree into a tureen for my kitchen counter and added a little ribbon. I love how yours looks with the birds and ornaments.

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  6. says

    Thank you for sharing your reality. I have a Christmas tree carcass in three parts in my living room, plus a laundry basket and another filled with Thanksgiving stuff (and maybe a few errant Halloween decorations) that need to be taken upstairs to the attic.

    Hoping to make a dent in the decorating this weekend as soon as those antibiotics start kicking in!

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  7. says

    Your Christmas decor is gorgeous! And my house looks like the behind the scenes pic almost every time I do a project. My kids come in and say- the mom bomb has been at it again. I love that you’re real!

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  8. says

    Loving your pretty buffet Christmas setting barb!! The transfer ware just shouts Christmas!

    Every room in my house is looking messy right now! Ican’t seem to just get one room at a time finished but flit from here to there as I find more decor items packed away that would go with the look of a certain room! I have 2 parties next weekend here so I better get a move on!

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  9. says

    You are amazing, Barb! I LOVE your dining room Christmas buffet … incredible! The garland is awesome and the plates are beautiful. Thanks for keeping it real, too! Our house looked just like that a few weeks ago!

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