A Fall Mantel {and barefooted Super Heros}

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What happens when you mix an 8 hour drive with an hour and a half of Trick or Treating with your Grands and giving out four huge bags of candy?

A VERY tired Grammy who was too tired to blog last night.

What?  Too tired to blog?  But….but….but…

What about the Five Days of Fabulous Fall?

Aren’t full time Bloggers supposed to blog, well… Full Time?

Aren’t we supposed to possess some Super Powers that allow us to keep on blogging right through the day and night, rain/sleet and snow and sickness and health – till death do us part?  :)

Hmmmm.  But, what about special occasions?

For example, what about the times when Goblins and Ghouls invade your home?  Even when they are wearing conspicuous clothes that make them appear as a red Power Ranger, Captain America and Fuzzy Pink Bunny.

Well, my dearest Bloggy friends… 

The answer is simple.  No.

As much as I love Blogging and sharing this blog with each of you, there has to be a balance so life’s precious moments takes precedence.

There will be times when the search for 
mini-snickers and blow-pops and m&m’s are way more important than showing you picks of my Family Room mantel.

Even if I am late for my Five-Days of Fabulous Fall Party.

Because barefooted Super Heroes don’t come around these parts that often…

But when they do….everything comes to a halt.

Even Blogging.

Hope you and your little Gobblins had a memorable Halloween.  How much candy did *you* eat?  😀

Just a little reminder of a super special event starting next Monday.  

It’s a chance to get some really awesome “Super Hero” ideas for Thanksgiving – especially if you are way behind like the rest of us. 

(Here is a sneaky-peaky at what I will be sharing.)
A menu and a grocery list, too.  You’re welcome!


It’s also a chance to post your Thanksgiving and Fall Inspiration projects if you missed the other parties.  And if you really, really want to participate but don’t have anything ready, dig back into your archives and share a past project.

Check out the other four Blogs I am co-hosting with.  I know, pretty awesome right?  Almost as awesome as a Super Hero carrying a plastic pumpkin filled with a pound of candy.  :)


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  1. says

    Your mantel is beautiful, Barb and your kiddo’s are adorable!! Makes me smile.

    We had a long day yesterday but still enjoyed our munchkins and all their excitement. Was at the doctor in St Louis till early afternoon, then came home to load up goodies to take back down south. Had supper and trick or treat with all the grand kids. Worth every aching part of the old body this morning.LOL

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  2. says

    Oh, Barb! You’re totally excused. If I had a little grand at my house I wouldn’t even turn on my puter! Yours looked so cute for Halloween. Now your mantel is just gorgeous and the party sounds like fun!
    Be a sweetie,

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