Happy Thanksgiving {2012}

I am elbow-deep in cornbread-sage dressing and cranberry chutney and banana pudding…
– but I just wanted to take a few minutes to
say Thank You.
Thank You for being such wonderful and 
faithful Bloggy friends.
Thank You for encouraging me to keep
writing this blog and sharing my
projects and my life.
There are so many things I am grateful for.
I just wanted you to know that YOU are one
of my blessings.

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I wish you and yours a Blessed Day.


I will be back on Monday.  I am spending a

few days with my family and also

digging out the Christmas bins. :)



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    I poted a message a moment ago then found what I was asking in your projects! oh dopey me! Here is my original post that I deleted “I’m late to the party…just joining up…wanted to know if you created the header or if you purchased it or was given free the give thanks? Its unique and I love it wanted to know it’s origin. Love your blog, am now reading it in my reader so I won’t miss a thing! I watched the video with you and several others a bit ago..and came here first!”

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