Twelve Days of Christmas {Tree}


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Don’t you just love it when a non-plan suddenly becomes a plan and turns into a really good plan?

Say what?

Ok, let me try that again.

Don’t you love it when you start out with a project, not sure where it will lead, but you love the end result?

Make more sense?  :)

I’m sharing another Sneaky-Peeky.  This little lookie-loo is of the tree in my foyer.

I had these cute glittered sticker numbers, and knew I wanted to use them on these clear glass ornaments.  But, other than that there wasn’t really a “plan.”

A few numbered glass ornaments filled with faux snow does not a tree make.  In fact, it looked pretty sad.

So out comes the burlap ribbon, and a trip out outside to cut more grapevine – and this tree was starting to take shape.

I took some leftover tags from Staples, and stamped them with a vintage postmark stamp.
Then, I slapped on more glittered numbers.

I had twelve clear glass ornaments, so I made twelve stamped tags.

That’s when the bells and whistles went off.

Twelve.  Hello?  Twelve?  (No, not doughnuts.)
Although those Dunkin’ Doughnuts with Sprinkles would look really cute on a tree, huh?  :)

Twelve Days of Christmas.

How could I represent the Twelve Days of Christmas without spending a fortune on five gold rings.  Heaven knows, I did NOT want any six geese ‘a laying in this house.  Can you only imagine the mess?  Our three cats do just fine in that category, thank you very much.  

Plus, the last time I checked, Eight Maids ‘a Milking had joined the union!  (ha)

So, I became “One Desperate Woman ‘a Digging” and went looking through my craft bins, and came out with a few sheets of sheet music scrapbooking paper.  Some decorative edge scissors and TWELVE circles later, I had my Twelve Days of Christmas fully represented. 

I added some more of the faux mercury Glass Ornaments I showed you from the 
Sweather Snowball Wreath I made.  
(hence, I am now out of fingernail polish remover.)

I also made some glitter covered snowballs by smooshing cotton batting with modge-podge and rolling them into balls.  (that was a mess.  oh my!)

A pretty blue bow at the top…and I was done.

I am thinking about making a trip to Michael’s to see if I can find a partridge.  If not, maybe they got in a new shipment of calling birds.  :)

This area will get some more decorating.  
Or, “deck-ee-atin'” as Roo says.  

I really love how this “unplanned” tree turned out.  That’s pretty much how all of my deck-ee-atin’ is going right now.  Normally I have a “plan.”  This year – not so much.  This should be fun!  :0

How’s your decorating going?  Do you have some “unplans” too?


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  1. says

    Barb-That turned out so danged cute I can hardly stand it! I’m with you- who wants Seven Swans A Swimming in the bathtub when you can have them in paper on your tree instead? You had a good idea that grew into a GREAT idea here- xo Diana

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  2. Anonymous says

    Barb-my theme this year for my annual Christmas dinner is 12 Days of Christmas so my friend Laurie sent me to your post-I guess creative minds think a like because I had already done the tags with the numbers on them to hang on the tree but I hadn’t thought of putting the numbers on the clear ornaments-I bought a red paisley partridge at Pottery Barn but that’s not exactly your color scheme for your beautiful tree. He is very cute though..I also have the Pottery Barn ornaments for 12 days that my DILaws gave to me..we haven’t bought our real tree yet but when I do I will try to figure out a way to send you a pic of it..but my dining table is ready to go with drums, and a partridge in a pear tree–using lots of real pears on the table as well. Thanks for sharing_I can’t wait to see your other posts! Susie Walker Conway, AR

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