Pumpkin Basket {and my Google + Live Demo}

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Sometimes, you just have to take a jump and do something that you’ve never done before… even if you are nervous, because you know its a good thing.

Even if you are a ball of nerves all day, just thinking about what you have committed to. Nervous right down to your pink painted 

This afternoon, I took such a leap of faith.  

I agreed to host a Google + Hangout, which is a live demo and is available afterwards on YouTube.

My demo was called “Decorating with Natural Elements Found in Your Own Yard.”

I demo’d these cute little “Pumpkin Baskets” which I will be using on my dessert buffet to identify all the different pies and cakes and goodies my Southern family will 
undoubtedly bring.

But, because it was my “first leap of faith” and sometimes those leaps can be a little awkward, 
my demo for this particular basket was just out 
of camera shot.


You couldn’t see that I used a short length of grapevine, pushed into the foam inside the peat pot to create a little handle.

Nor could you see that I used these beautiful fall leaves I had picked right from my yard just before I went live. 

On camera, I happily talked about the fact that the leaves created a “base” for the pumpkin.  But, unfortunately, I forget to hold it up for all to see as I went along.  :(

So, I decided to post the step-by-step pictures here.

To make up for that “small leap” that went slightly askew.  :)

I did mention these cute little tags I found at Michael’s in the scrap booking section.  They  are by Martha Stewart and sold as a package of 12 assorted tags for less than $2. 

That Martha!  Love her stuff!  :)

I also mentioned that these would make cute place card holders.  Instead of writing “Pumpkin” or “Apple” on the tag, you could write “Mom” or “Dad” or “My Cousin Vinnie.”  :)

It’s okay if you couldn’t make my Live Google + Hangout….cause here it is on YouTube.

Or, simply go HERE to see the video.

I am very happy I took this chance.  Once I got started, my nerves calmed and I actually had a great time. 

As a matter of fact, I have another Google + Hangout tomorrow at 4pm.

“Creating a Fall Mantel.”

I will create a mantel from scratch. Well, not the actual mantel, but the mantelscape on it. 

I hope you can join me tomorrow.

On a side note… (and I do not normally do this)…
PLEASE VOTE tomorrow!  Please exercise your American right.  Exercise your voice.  Men and women have fought and died to give us this right.
God Bless America!

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