Christmas Hutch {and a photography lesson}

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Blogging is a very, funny thing.  Very funny, indeed.

You spend hours and hours decorating and fluffing and then dusting and cleaning and making sure everything is just right before you take your pictures.

You choose the perfect blue, satin ribbon that compliments the Summer Cottage Blue walls in your Living Room – which you painstakingly chose after painting a blue that wasn’t quite “right.”

In the weeks before, you spend countless of hours on Pinterest, picking and choosing ideas that speak to you.  Such as adding a ribbon behind the glass of your hutch.

And then securing the small bow-laden wreath to the front of the glass with those glorious Command hooks.

You cut cedar and magnolia – even at the risk of getting little scratches all over your little arms from the cedar.  Nasty stuff, that.

You scour the Dollar Stores for the perfect ornaments, and dig like a Mad Woman  through your Christmas bins because you remember you had some sparkly, blingy balls from a year-end sale.

And you jump like a little girl on Christmas morning when you find the sparkly-blingy balls because they are just as perfect as you thought they would be.

They are so sparkly they are like glitter on steroids kinda sparkly.

You get each sparkly-blingy, steroid-sized glitter ball in place, along with your arm-scratching cedar and cinnamon-scented pinecones from last year,
and you stand back – and sigh.

Then you sweep away all the glitter and the cedar clippings because its time to take pictures.  

You set up the tripod, snap away while the light is still good.  Satisfied, you put the camera away and move on to other projects.  (Like putting all the furniture and prints back in place because someone
decided at 6pm last night to make a room change.)


Later, you download your pictures.  After all, its getting dark and a blog post most be composed and published.  

And THAT is when you see this…

… and this…

… and most of all – this…

… and this –

and this…

But, at the end of the day – its just something to laugh at and show you how we keep it real here at The Everyday Home

And what did these pictures teach me about photography?

Easy.  Make sure you’re wearing makeup and lipstick when you take pictures of sparkly-blingy,
steroid-sized glitter balls.


Thanks for letting me share my Living Room English Hutch – and my lesson on photography.


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  1. says

    LOL. I would’ve never noticed the wreaths at different levels if you hadn’t pointed it out. :) But that happens to me too … like the unsightly extension cord or reflection in glass somewhere. Funny how even when I scour the scene before pressing the shutter, I still end up with something funky in the photo. Thank goodness for PhotoShop! :)

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  2. says

    LOL, Barb, I never would’ve noticed any of those things! I was too busy staring at your fabulous hutch as a whole. But, you’re not alone … I do this all the time. Love your reindeer … your greenery … AND, your steroid sized glitter balls. Stunning!

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  3. says

    let me first stay your hutch looks beautiful (extension cords and all!) which i would never have noticed if you hadn’t pointed them out. i’m so glad you’re “keeping it real”…i’ve had some of those same moments myself…like times i take pictures at ungodly hours with no makeup, mismatched jammies and flat hair!


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  4. says

    If this makes you feel any better, it happens in home staging photos all the time too. We miss a drawer being cracked, a cord, or a piece of dust on the floor that screams out to us in photos. Thankfully, most people miss them.

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  5. says

    Oh you little silly! I think we’ve all been there – showing up in our shiny objects! :) Never mind, look at your gorgeous hutch. Your really knocked yourself out on this. It’s so gorgeous!
    be a sweetie,
    shelia 😉

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  6. says

    Hahahhaa… thanks for the giggles. Was about to shut down for the night and take my sellp self to bed, then I decided to read your post… Well worth the delay in slumber.. I giggled and awwweedd!!!! Just beautiful..
    Thanks for sharing.

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  7. says

    Very funny! I hadn’t noticed the wreaths weren’t balanced until you pointed it out!! Yes those “self portraits” can be hard to dodge! I’ve edited myself out a few times! Extension cords are hard to hide aren’t they! I use shipping tape to secure them but sometimes I forget and bam there they are in the picture! Overall thought your hutch looks really great and all your pain staking efforts were worth it! Love the beautiful shade of blue you’ve chosen too!

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  8. says

    I think your hutch looks divine, very beautiful, I only hope you don’t need anything in there
    for a Christmas party or dinner!! or you are gonna have some fun!! lol
    You’re photography lesson is so true………just last night had to take a pic out and go back and crop it and repost it, I was taking a shot of a picture lying on the table and somehow I
    got my feet in the picture and never saw it till I downloaded it to my blog. So funny!
    and yes, I have seen many of those reflections and thought oh no!! as I was in my jamies or robe. Too funny………..Teaches us nothing is perfect………that is for sure.
    Thanks for sharing your delightfully beautiful hutch.
    Blessings, Nellie

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  9. says

    Laughing so hard because it is soooooo true!!! I also rush, rush, rush to get a project finished before 4 so I’ll still have good light to take pictures! I’ve had to retake and retake pictures just because something was off! Funny things is, I don’t think anyone notices it as much as we do!! Your hutch turned out gorgeous!! Love it!! Thanks for sharing!

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  10. says

    I don’t mind the extension cord, and I’m so lopsided I never would of noticed the wreaths at different levels, but I will never forget the time I took some photos only to see my face front and center in the reflection!


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  11. says

    That is hilarious, I also have encounter the “bulb reflection” image, not flattering AT ALL! I think you are too hard on yourself however, I would have never noticed the extension cord or the slight height difference of the wreaths…mainly because the whole photo is so stunning, your decorated china cabinet looks just Beautiful! Thanks for the very funny post! I’m sure we can all relate!

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