O Christmas Tree {and a story I learned today}

I had a date tonight.  

A very, special date.  So I dressed in a red Christmas sweater (no, not one of those tacky ones with the built-in twinkling lights) 😀  
(my apologies to anyone who wears Christmas sweaters with built-in Christmas lights). 

 I even put on makeup and brushed my hair.

After almost two weeks of sweatpants and tshirts and being covered in glitter – (can you believe I actually had a piece of glitter in my teeth where you would normally see some spinach or parsley. Glitter!) – it was nice to get out for a few hours.

It was not an ordinary date with wine and dinner and such.  (Although, that sounds very nice, too.  Hint, Hint to The Hubbs if he reads this.)

Rather, it was a date with this little Munchkin.

My grandson, Cole.  It was his 1st Grade Christmas Pageant.

I have it say it was one of the best I have ever seen.  The pageant had an actual story to it.  It revolved around Christmas trees, and a moral that “the largest, most glittery tree aren’t always the best trees.”

They children did an amazing job and it was a great way to spend a “date night.”

The lesson that those children sang about and taught us all, stayed with me on the drive home tonight.

“The largest, most glittery tree is not always the best tree.”

There are many, many things about blogging and reading blogs that are wonderful.  I won’t get into those, because that would take me a while.  :-)

But, as a Blogger – there is also a small degree of feeling inept and in some ways… “not as good.”

There are so many talented Bloggers showing beautiful homes and unimaginable projects – it gets a bit overwhelming.  You even wonder at times why you are blogging and if all the effort is even worth it.

But, two things happened today that reminded me that yes, it is worth it. 

First, I get an email from a total stranger thanking me for all of my efforts. She shared with me that she had had a rough year – a sickness and several surgeries. She also said she was unable to do a lot of decorating this year, but she was able to recreate my Mini Snow Village Under Glass, and it made her smile every time she looked at it.

Second, my 3-year old Grandlove, Roo, told me that “Santa was gonna love my lights and give us lots of candy corns.”  (he insists they are corns, not canes)  :-)  

An email from a stranger.  A comment from a child.  And that is all it takes to put things back into perspective.

So even though there is glitter and cedar and candles and white lights galore around 
The Everyday Home

– there is also Love.  Love put into every small tree I potted in galvanized tubs and white pitchers.  Love put inside each stocking I hung on the mantel.  Love in the glittered initials – one for each of us.   Love of Christmas…

And while my home will probably never get a starring role in any large publication, and I will never get interviewed by Oprah… haha

That’s ok.  Because “the largest, most glittery trees are not always the best trees.”  :)

In case you’re wondering, I used three styles of stickers to create my “Joy to the World” platter.  Stickers!  Love them.  :)

And speaking of Christmas Love…

Miss C had her first official modeling job last weekend.  Please forgive me if I show off Grammy’s little “Christmas Package.”  
Watch out, Cindy Crawford.

And while were there, we snuck in the boys, too…

This will make you smile…

Here’s hoping that even if your tree is not the brightest, the biggest and the most glittery – it is all that and more in the eyes of those that really matter.


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  1. what a beautiful heartfelt post. Just LOVE the pics of the baby, but naked.

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  2. that’s Butt Naked!! :)

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  3. AAaaahhhh!! Too cute.. all three of them!
    Agreed, it’s the little things! The little things that makes it all worth while.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Cheers, Gee

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  4. Great post and very meaningful words. Those baby pics are adorable. You have super cute grands.

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  5. Barb…… A truly heartfelt and meaningful post. Your lil guys are adorable…… But that naked butt steals the show. Such an innocence……. I’m loving catching up again.

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  6. I love everything about this post. I have felt the same way at times. I’ve been inspired by your blog and always enjoy my time over here. Your grandkids are adorable!!!

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  7. Best post I have read all week my dear friend..Girl I love that grand girl..those sweet cheeks are so cute..Cole has gotten so big I remember when he was living with you and how little he was at that time..Great looking grand loves..Hugs and love Gloria
    ps want a good lol!! come check out my blog

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  8. What a beautiful post Barb! Your grands are precious!

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  9. Barb, I LOVE this post! Sometimes I wonder why I’m doing all of this too, but sometimes all we need is a little perspective from others to motivate us to continue. And those photos of your grandchildren are precious!

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  10. Barb what a sweet, sweet post and the way you ended it with your precious Grandloves is the best ever!! xo Kathysue

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  11. Ditto all those other comments! This is a great post…I think many of us bloggers have these feelings quite often, including me. Your Christmas decor is just beautiful and those grandkids are simply adorable!

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  12. Oh Barb, this is such a tender and precious post and your “Babies” are absolutely adorable. Love all the pics and love you too. Hugs, Marty

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  13. Yes, ditto on all the other comments. This is a wonderful post, beautiful pictures, and such sweet grandkids. Thank you. You made my day!

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  14. What a beautiful post, Barb! The pics of the kids made me laugh out loud! Those are the best!

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  15. I can believe the glitter in the teeth. I’m always finding strands of string on my pants, shirts and skirts (from sewing).

    And, I love pageants with little kids…too cute. Plus, you have the most ahhhh….dorable elfs decorating for you. Those smiles are more brilliant and special than any tinsel you could buy.

    And what a cool thing to make someone else smile with your mini-village.

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  16. I can’t believe that you are a grandmother! You are much too young looking. Your grandkids are beautiful. I especially got a kick out of seeing the little girl in the buff! LOL I liked the lesson you learned (the story you shared). I think we’ve all felt that way at one time or another and it’s always nice to know that we are touching someone’s lives in a positive way even when we don’t know it.

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  17. This is why we blog — to read this your wonderful post and be reminded of the really important things. Adorable grandkids! Sure brought a smile to my face!

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  18. I love your post. The grand-kids are adorable.

    I love stickers and can’t even tell that is what you used on there.

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  19. Thank you, Barb! This was a feel good post to me, as I sometimes feel that way myself. There’s been some “why aren’t I good enough” going through my head. Your grands look adorable in those pictures!

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  20. Yes..perspective!!…Your Christmas decor is beautiful…and the pics are beyond adorable!!!

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  21. These pictures are all adorable of the kids. The baby is priceless. I love all the decorations, I love bottle brush trees they look pretty in the milk glass.


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  22. I OFTEN feel like you, that somehow I don’t “measure up” as a blogger. But posts like this keep me going. Your grands are ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!! I love the babies shots and the boys are super cute!!! Thanks for sharing this. XO, pinky

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  23. Your Grands are absolutely beautiful. Your display is also beautiful, and I’ve got one of those big trees and it certainly doesn’t sparkly like the beautiful smaller ones in blog land.


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  24. loved your post, and the pictures of the children. Thanks so much for sharing with all of us.

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  25. Aw, Barb. What a wonderful post. Love the sentiment, and I want to reiterate that what you’re doing as a blogger is worthwhile and worth it. And I think we all struggle with those doubts of not being “good enough.”

    But you do know you’re fab, right?

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  26. Anonymous says:

    Barb, your blog is one of my favorites — I am not a blogger but love to read blogs. I laughed out loud when I read about the glitter in your teeth — lately I’ve had a speck or two on my face or neck. Your decorating is inspirational to me. Your grandchildren are precious — they will have memories of your beautifully decorated house.

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  27. Beautiful post Barb. I guess we bloggers all feel a little overwhelmed and like we don’t measure up sometimes, but the good outweighs the bad. Love your grand kids. Thanks for sharing.
    Christmas Blessings,
    Audrey Z. http://audreyzumwalt.blogspot.com/
    Timeless Treasures

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  28. Aw, so true. They are PRECIOUS!

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  29. Beautiful post, and so are your decorations! I know you had a wonderful time with your grandson. Nights like those are so much fun and very memorable. And all of your grandchildren are just adorable!

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  30. Great stories and cute kids. Miss C is adorable.

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  31. Your pictures are always great and not washed-out. Love the vivid colors! And your home is so beautiful! Your grandchildren are absolutely adorable. I love your blog and I want to thank you for making it so readable. The type is larger and so easy to read. I love the fact that you don’t have tiny pale gray type on a pale blue or pink background, like so many other bloggers are using right now.
    Keep up the wonderful work and don’t change a thing! You’re fantastic!

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  32. Love this post, Barb. Your hutch is gorgeous, of course, but I love the love that came through your words. Such cutey-patootey grands!

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  33. You said it! In the end, no one really has the most glittery tree anyway. But you sure do sparkle up your corner of the world, and that’s what counts!

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  34. What a beautiful post, Barb! And, I beg to differ about your home not being in a publication … it will one day … you just watch! Your Christmas decor is absolutely beautiful! I love your trees placed in your cups and bowls … the lush garland … and the words you added to your platter. You are a fabulous decorator who inspires many, including me! And, what precious grands you have! Happy Holidays, sweet friend.

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  35. Very well said, Barb. It IS easy to be captivated by the beautiful pictures of other bloggers, but I have had more fun this year making my home beautiful, Little and old it may be, it still makes me happy despite all the things that are falling apart! You’re right, little things make us happy!

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  36. Awe, I love this post!

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  37. So true, but always good to hear a reminder of it! I feel the same way about blogging, love it, but feel inept at times. Your grandchildren are lovely!

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  38. Ah yes, glitter EVERYWHERE. And yes, all the beautiful imaginative creations out there. Sometimes one just need a little reminder – and a small reminder will do too! :)

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  39. What a holy decor you have here!…love them all especially the cup with little Christmas tree.

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  40. Hi Barb, just found you from HomeTalk. Thanks for sharing you GC in the most wonderful pics. You have a warm and inviting home. I’ll be back:-) MERRY CHRISTMAS.

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  41. Adorable pictures and sweet post!! Thanks for sharing!!

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  42. Hi Barb,

    I don’t get to comment and visit my blog friends as much as I’d like but I had to check out this post. What a wonderful story, as usual. I was also curious to see how your kitchen hutch turned out after you painted it. What ever you used, it turned out beautiful. I hope your world is treating you well. Stay well and let’s talk soon.

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  43. Thank you for this wonderful post. I have stopped blogging because I feel like I’m not good enough -not that my blog was read by hundreds much less thousands. However, when you read “those” blogs you feel inferior. Thanks for reminding me that I don’t have to have the biggest, most read blog to still touch someone. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! (Oh, I found your blog through At the Picket Fence, but you have a new follower.)

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