Snow Village [and a pillow giveaway!]

On a regular basis, I asked myself if I am making the right decisions.

Is the pink cardigan too girley-girley for a woman almost 50 years old?  If I skip breakfast, can I eat an extra taco at lunch.

You know….life decisions.   There are decisions that impact you in small ways.  

Decisions that impact your whole family.

Decisions that make a huge difference in your life. 

Then, there are those decisions you make, that makes you question your sanity – even when you are in the process of moving forward with your decision.

What might this most dramatic decision be?

I decided to create a mini snow village this year.
I had four small ceramic houses I have had for years.  You have probably seen similar ones at the Dollar Store.  They hold tea lights in the back.

Problem is, I could only find two of the four.
Well, it would be a mini-mini snow village.

So I gathered my large cake plate.  (Okay, its really my Mama’s. She left it here on Thanksgiving when she bought her famous Mayonnaise Cake.)  I also gathered up two cloches and stands.    And here is where the simple decision of creating a mini-mini snow village went wrong.  

Or, could go wrong.

I decided my mini-mini snow village under glass needed snow.  Faux snow. But, not just any faux snow.  Faux snow with GLITTER!


Needless to say, my LR looks like a virtual glitter factory explosion.  And to make matters worse, 
the boys (aka The Glitter Destroyers) will be coming over for dinner tomorrow night.

I already know Glitter Faux Snow will be one decision I will regret.  For months to come.  :)

While I was at it, I decided that if a little Glitter Faux Snow was good…a lot was even better.

I added more here…

Cause you can’t have mercury glass candle holders on a white plate without faux snow right?

I mean, who does that?

Here is the culprit that started all of this Glitter Faux Snow Mini-Mini Snow Village Under Glass.

This evil pillow.  With the sparkly snowflake.

It lead to Wintry-white branches with mini silver and clear ornaments. 

Cause once you start that whole mini-mini snow village scene, the rest of the room should follow right?

Oh well, I may truly regret this decision when my little Abominable Snowbabies arrive tomorrow,
and when it comes time to clean up in January…

But, for now – I will relish its is Winter Wonderlandness and enjoy it as long as I can.

Y’all see my Goodwill Sweater “Snowball” Wreath hanging in the window?

Here is a close-up just after I completed it.

Now all I need is some Winter weather.  This 70+ degree NC weather is playing havoc on my mini-mini snow village.  😀

Would you like to win a pillow like the one I have on my DR Hearth when I shared my Woodland Mantel?

A lucky winner will be chosen to receive a pillow.  All you have to do is leave a comment below.  That’s it.  :)  I will announce the winner on Monday!

How is your week going?  My thoughts and prayers go out to all those caught in those fierce storms these past few days. 

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  1. What a beautiful way to add charm to the Christmas Decorations.

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  2. I love this idea!It looks beautiful! Gotta have a little glitter this time of the year right!
    What a sweet pillow!

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  3. Love your little snow village and that wreath is just gorgeous!

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  4. the glitter really makes everything pop out,its beautiful!!!p.s.the pillow is also a beauty!

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  5. Love the ‘frenchyness’of the pillow and the wonder of the snow village!!!

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  6. All of your Christmas decor looks so pretty! I adore the pillow you’re giving away too. Count me in!

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  7. I love all your snow houses and every pretty Christmas touch in you living room. It’s just beautiful!

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  8. I just love it! What a wonderful way to display your bottle brush trees. I had to laugh when you talked about the havoc that your little muchkins will create on your village.

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  9. Why I do love all your glitter and snow…..I will enjoy your photos while my 3 year old “redecorates” my tree! LOL Super cute!!

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  10. Barb your snow village looks beautiful, you just gave me an idea for one of my empty cloches that I’ve been looking at for days and couldn’t decide what to put under it! The whole room looks fabulous!
    I’d LOVE a chance to win one of those pillows!!

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  11. Mmm. Mmm. Just my style. Love that snowy village. It’s extra darling under glass :)

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  12. I love your idea…but I can see the future of that glitter snow on the coffee table when the little ones show up…good luck with that the wreath too Cheers Frances (oh I just piined your wreath hope you don’t mind

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  13. Your Mini mini village is wonderfully whimsical! I just found some glitter snow under the rug in the front hall from my village scene from (shhh!) last year! Toss a pillow this way. Mine have been in boxes and moved too many times and need a replacement. :)

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  14. Love your snow village, Barb! xo

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  15. Oh- How I love your little mini-mini village. And where might a person such as myself find that type of awful glittery snow faux mess? And PLEASE don’t tell me you shaved Ivory soap and then coated it with Martha Stewart’s glass glitter because I will suspect you are lying!
    I LOVE IT!!!! xoo Diana

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  16. I am dragging out my Dept 56 Dickens Village for the first time in ages. I remember using the fake snow & what a mess it did make! I may have to sprinkle a little around for some sparkle though. Yours looks great!

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  17. Beautiful vignette Barb…I bet the grandloves are just itching to get into that snow!!….Now, I would love to hear what your mom is going to say when she sees her cake plate with trees and a house and snow in it!!!…Everything is beautiful!!!

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  18. I love the snowflake pillow. But Joyeaux Noel reminds me of my trip to Paris.

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  19. Your glittery snowy room is just beautiful! And That pillow is just gorgeous!

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  20. Those boys are going to love the glittery snow. But I’m predicting you won’t have a village after their visit.

    And I had to laugh when I read Shirley’s comment. i do wonder what your Mama is going to think/say.

    Pretty vignette. I hope it survives two little boys. :)

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  21. j’adore ce petit village de Noel…mais que deviendrait il chez moi avec 3 filles et 4 chats??? :) la couronne est fantastique et se tient chaud toute seule, et le coussin est forcément pour moi qui suis française ;)) Tout ça est fort joli en tout cas!
    I love the little village, but i have 3 girls and 4 cats…The wreath is great and so cosy and the pillow is for me by the way: i’m french 😉 (excuse my bad english!)

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  22. The mini village undr glass looks beautiful, Barb. I love your mantel and the evil pillow too.

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  23. Love your snow village. I have a cake plate like that so maybe i’ll try to create a cute village. Will have to set it up high though – we have 5 munchinks under 3. Love the pillow. Carolyn

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  24. Absolutely gorgeous and I even have the exact same little houses, now I know what to do with them, thank you!
    Now I need to make a wreath like that!

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  25. Oh Barbara, I got carried away with the glittered snow too this year. If that was not enough, I have glitter ornaments and vignettes all over the house. Already our family room floor looks as if the glitter is implanted into the wood flooring.
    Please enter me for a chance to win this beautiful pillow!

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  26. As always you impress, what a great idea. Your whole living room looks fabulous.

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  27. My little 4 year old neighbor girl is here with me this morning, so I’ll just quote her
    ” woooook Sonny~ its booooooaaaaful boooaaaaful~!” so I looked and YES IT IS..
    ya did good, Miss Grits- real good

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  28. I was going to bring out our village this year, but just couldn’t get into it, Barb. I like your idea; it seems more manageable! Love the pillow!

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  29. I love this! I’d like to try and make snow globes with the bottle brushes, too.

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  30. Barb you know how much I love the little snow village and I totally understand the snow thing. They call it California snow, since we don’t get snow in our part of California!! I have used it on my tree and mantel the last two years and you will be cleaning it up for months, but the look is worth it!! Your sofa looks so pretty and neutral and the addition of the blue is beautiful, xo Kathysue

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  31. Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas and a nice new pillow would be welcome.

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  32. Barb, the snow village is adorable but I just love the snowball wreath!!!! I am now in the mood to decorate after seeing your beautiful room. Gotta go and get busy!

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  33. I love your coffee table decor! I would of never thought to use cake plate! I would love to use your idea one day.. Snow globes..who would of thought?.. I LOVE it!!!

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  34. Oh my gosh your beautiful room!I love rooms that can go all the way into Jan past the holidays into little Christmas(Jan.6th) Thanks for adding me in Google+ Be sure to link up sometime on

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  35. How beautiful! I just adore your mantle, wow! And your wreath so pretty. So glad I found you,

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  36. Your snow explosion so made me smile! And the result is just lovely . . . You’ve got me dreaming about doing something similar!! So glad to find your blog.

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  37. Love the mini-mini snow explosion! thank you for all of the inspiration! Happy Happy;)

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  38. Love your snow villages! Have you heard of SnoWonder? It’s faux snow but looks and feels like snow. It’s really cool stuff! I have photos posted on my blog using it in decorating and also having a GIVEAWAT for it. Spread the word, please!

    Would LOVE to win your Giveaway!

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  39. As gorgeous as all of the Christmas decor is (and it is!), I am drooling over your secretary. LOVE IT!!


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  40. Love the snow globe villages, your home is so cozy!!

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  41. I love your snow globes and all the sparkle.

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  42. Thank you for the chance to win. I love the snow village ideas!!

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  43. Anonymous says:

    Love the snow globes and your Christmas decor!

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  44. Starting a new life after a hurtful divorce. Was able to get rid of some of the old reminders and bought a new sofa. This beautiful pillow would look amazing oin it. Love your blog and all the attention to details. You have given me some really great ideas.

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  45. I would have never thought to use glass cake plates like that – absolutely stunning! Love all the Little details – the little things are always my favorite part of decor.


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  46. Oh, you betcha I want that pillow! It’s fabulous, just like ALL of your decor. Love the snow – let it snow. You can always run the vacuum in January <3 !!

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  47. How festive…!
    Does anyone else decorate their office at work? This pillow would be perfect~!

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  48. WOW!I Love it. Great fireplace and I am so going to borrow that village under glass idea. Love Patty

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  49. The pillow looks amazing and I love all the decorations you have! :))

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  50. Love your snow globes and would love to win one of your pillows! Thanks for such a wonderful giveaway :)

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  51. I applaud your bravery for using faux snow in spite of the mess. I’m sure your snowbabies will delight in it:) All your vignettes look fantastic!!

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  52. How beautiful and clever!

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  53. I worked at a local discount store this season. When I stocked the shelves with the faux snow I asked myself, “Now who in the world uses this stuff?” LOL Now I know and I must say it is beautiful! Merry Christmas!

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