Christmas Mantel {Oh deer!}

A Woodland Christmas Mantel by The Everyday Home


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This year, for some reason – I am decorating with a “come what may” kinda plan.
Is that even a plan?  “Come what may?”
A Woodland Christmas Mantel by The Everyday Home

In the perfect world I envision, I see smart little lists –
either on paper or gasp! – neatly compiled on an ipad –
which matter-of-factly spells out a decorating plan for the holidays.
Take our mantel in the Dining Room, for example.
When I pulled out my Bin-o-Christmas Goodies,
I had absolutely no clue what I would end up with.
I had my new friend, Mr Buck.  
A Woodland Christmas Mantel by The Everyday Home


And I had some black lanterns.
A Woodland Christmas Mantel by The Everyday Home


But, that’s about as far as my “plan” had proceeded.
So, I just started layering.  
Some of this…step back and see if it works.  
Some of that…step back and see if it works.  
No?  Then, rip that baby out.
A Woodland Christmas Mantel by The Everyday Home
Some cedar. Some magnolia.
Some grapevine leftover from the Fall mantel.  
Some pheasant feathers.
A Woodland Christmas Mantel by The Everyday Home
What kind of plan is that?  
A “working by the seat of your plan” plan?  Come to think of it….
A Woodland Christmas Mantel by The Everyday Home
– that’s pretty much how things have been going around here
since the Christmas decorating began.
A Woodland Christmas Mantel by The Everyday Home


“Decorating By The Seat of My Pants Plan” Plan.  
By the time I am done, the seat of my pants will be pretty threadbare.  :-)
A Woodland Christmas Mantel by The Everyday Home
So, I hung up our new stockings.
A Woodland Christmas Mantel by The Everyday Home
– and fluffed and added my new pillows…
A Woodland Christmas Mantel by The Everyday Home
(yeah, I kinda got a “deer” thing, huh?)  :-)
…and soon our Dining Room mantel started coming together.
A Woodland Christmas Mantel by The Everyday Home


Pinecones here, some red berries there.  Is it too much?  
Did it need more?  Would everyone know I didn’t have a plan? 
It would have been so much easier if I did.
But, I have to ask myself….if I had had a plan,
would I have ended up with this…
A Woodland Christmas Mantel by The Everyday Home


If I had stuck closely to the plan, perhaps I would have ended up
with something entirely different.
But, sometimes I think that no plan is better than a plan.
A Woodland Christmas Mantel by The Everyday Home


So, from hence forth – I am not going to stress that I don’t
have a plan.  I am not going to stress that I am
decorating by the seat of my pants.
A Woodland Christmas Mantel by The Everyday Home


I am only going to stress that in 14 days, I will have 40-50 people
ascend on my home for my parents 60th Wedding Anniversary
and my Daddy’s 80th Birthday Parties.
A Woodland Christmas Mantel by The Everyday Home


Because between you and me, I think that is quite
enough to worry about.  Don’t you?  😀
How is your decorating coming along?  Are you almost there?
 Are your garlands hung and your homes sparkling clean?  
(please don’t tell me if that is true.)  
I hope that by mid-week I will be almost through.
 (you note I said “almost.”)
In the meantime, please keep in mind a wonderful
Blog Hop I am proud to be part of.
Thank you for letting me share our formal Dining Room Mantel with you.






As always, thank you ever so much for pinning
any of these pictures, with my permission. 

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  1. says

    Well, Plan or no plan I think it looks marvelous, Barb, and I think this by-the-seat-of-your-pants has been a good thing. At least we now know that you DO wear pants-just sayin’…..

    Have fun prepping for your big double party- that, in itself, is enough to worry about.

    Blessings to you-and, for once, I am almost done- xo Diana

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  2. says

    Heck, if that’s what “flying by the seat of your pants’ looks like to you, when you DO have a “plan” it must be mind blowing! I think you mantel is gorgeous! And we both seem to have ur minds working thes ame way this year, because I also went by “the seat of my pants” this year. I am going for the “less is more” them, if you will. I used to go in overload mode, and I kinda’ overloaded myself out , lol!

    View Comment
  3. says

    Barb I must say this is my favorite decorating that you have done!! I love the organic feel, the simplicity. Mr. Buck is the star and everything else are just compliments to him. You do well without a plan my dear friend, xo Kathysue

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  4. says

    Your decorating by the seat of your pants plan is working for you! I absolutely am in love with your mantle. All that beautiful greenery, magnolias ( I love magnolias being a southern gal). That beautiful ribbon in the center. Your decorations are awesome!

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  5. says

    Oh Barb- I hear you! When I am putting my post together and think I have all the pictures taken and watermarked I go to post them and sometimes utter my famous two word phrase—-Aw, Crap! Yes. That is what I really say!!! Anyway, everything there looks beautiful and had you not pointed out your little slips most of them would have gone unnoticed…except for photographing your reflection because I noticed the same thing on pictures I was getting ready to post. xo Diana

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  6. says

    Good Morning, Your buffet and mantle are both beautiful. Enjoyed all of your pictures, and I’m going back for more. We are your newest followers, and we would love for you to check us out and join us as well. Thank you for the inspiration. Have a lovely day.
    Jeannie of The French Hen’s Nest

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  7. says

    Oh, my! It’s simply spectacular. Love what you’ve done with the natural elements. I can think of a whole list of adjectives but I guess I’ll settle with one: stunning! Thanks for sharing your decorating flair. I found my way here from The Lettered Cottage and I’ll be back. Merry Christmas!

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  8. says

    I’m completely smitten with your gorgeous, rustic, vintagey looking, all woodsy, and delicious mantel! I can’t believe you just threw it together! It’s one of the prettiest mantels I’ve seen. I love your new stockings and pillows too. Are they in your shop? How did I miss those?

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  9. says

    WOW!! It’s stunning. i love it. After viewing your Christmas mantel I decided to follow you on Pinterest and realized you’re from Jacksonville, NC. I’m from Chinquapin, NC which is near Jacksonville. Such a small world. Love your blog

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  10. says

    I really like the way you decorated the mantel, especially the deer head with the wreath. We refinished our hardwood floors, put down a fluffy holiday rug and added two tall Christmas trees to either side of the mantel. I like the effect.

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  11. Kaille says

    One year later… Everything is just beautiful! Do you mind sharing where you found your pretty stockings and pillows? I’ve seen them in a couple of other places on the net, but can’t recall where! I’m looking forward to seeing what you do this year.

    View Comment

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