I am exhausted.

After a marathon of weeks of decorating, then shopping, cooking and cleaning…

I am exhausted.

But, it’s a good exhaustion and worth every aching muscle.  

I hosted my parent’s 60th Anniversary Party and my Daddy’s 80th Birthday Party.  It was a wonderful gathering of family and friends, and we toasted the union and love of two very special people.  What an amazing accomplishment this day and age, to be happily married for 60 years. And they truly are happy.

So today – I am going to rest, wash up the remaining champagne glasses, eat some leftover cake  :-)  … and rest.  

Tomorrow is another blogging day right?

Hoping you have a great Monday.  

Thinking of everyone in Newton, Conn and especially the family and friends of Noah Ponzer and Jack Pinto, being laid to rest today. 
God Bless these Angels. 


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  1. Rest up… I’ll stop back tomorrow!!!

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  2. I hear you! I haven’t started my shopping oh boy I bet the mall will be crowded…rest up relax and enjoy a nice glass of wine!

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  3. Entertaining is a boatload of work, but what a wonderful cause for celebration! Congrat’s to mom and dad!

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