DIY Ideas for Storing Christmas Decorations

 DIY Ideas for Storing Christmas Decorations at The Everyday Home  

Did you survive Christmas 2013?  I don’t know about you, but Santa is

quite exhausted here at The Everyday Home.  

DIY Ideas for Storing Christmas Decorations at The Everyday Home

Usually, I leave all my decorations up until January 6th,

Old Christmas.  But, this year – I am antsy to get my house back

to normal and start on some DIY projects.  I will leave the tree up

until Jan 6th – but as soon as this chest cold eases up a bit, I am

gonna start the process.

So how do you store your decorations?

DIY Ideas for Storing Christmas Decorations at The Everyday Home
Last year, I found this idea on Pinterest and put it to work
for me after Christmas.  This year when I pulled out my bins,
I patted myself on the back for taking the time to do it last year.
As far as our lights, they were not stored anywhere near this nice and
neat in past years…

DIY Ideas for Storing Christmas Decorations at The Everyday Home 

Rather, ours looked more like this….

Actually, they were not quite as bad as the above pic depicts.  
Last year,  we wove our lights around more cut pieces 
of cardboard, which again, fit nicely into a plastic bin.
Speaking of plastic bins… I use a color coordination system for all
of my Seasonal decor.  Because bins are sold in a wide
assortment of colors, it makes it easy to organize.
Red Bins – Valentine Decor
Yellow Bins – Easter/Spring Decor
Blue Bins – 4th July Decor
Orange Bins – Halloween and Fall Decor
Green Bins – Christmas Decor
Oh, if only I could organize the rest of my house and my life
 just as colorful and easily.  Smile 
My goal this year is to really organize the decor.
I even found these great printables on Pinterest that will allow
you to inventory and track where particular items are stored.
 DIY Ideas for Storing Christmas Decorations at The Everyday Home

Great idea, huh?

Here are some other great organizing ideas for your

Christmas decor and wrappings…

DIY Ideas for Storing Christmas Decorations at The Everyday Home

Use a clear, plastic garment bag to hold your

leftover rolls of wrappings.  Hangs easily in a closet.

DIY Ideas for Storing Christmas Decorations at The Everyday Home

Wrap your Christmas Lights around a plastic

clothes hanger.

DIY Ideas for Storing Christmas Decorations at The Everyday Home

An inexpensive plastic bin with holes makes a great

Ribbon Storage Bin.

DIY Ideas for Storing Christmas Decorations at The Everyday Home

Smaller clear, plastic cups can be used instead of larger

red Solo cups.

For smaller, unbreakable items such as my

snowflakes, pinecones, faux snow, etc. –

I use these to organize and mark the items inside…

DIY Ideas for Storing Christmas Decorations at The Everyday Home

Good ole’ Ziplock Bags.

I stack all smaller items in the same bin.

Christmas wreath storage was always an issue for me, too.

Right now, I have at least 6 different Christmas wreaths,

and I have no clue how many Holiday Wreaths I have total.

Let’s just say – “several.”


Yes, you can spend the money on these

“Wreath Keeper Bags.”


But, a large trash bag and a clothes hanger works just as well.

DIY Ideas for Storing Christmas Decorations at The Everyday Home

All of my seasonal wreaths are hung and stored this way.

I have created tags which mark what season the wreath is for

and also a short description.  My wreaths hang in my attic.



I have concluded that my Christmas decorations reproduce like rabbits.  

Each year, I need at least 2-3 more bins.  But, this year – I

have started pulling out decor which I no longer use or

which does not fit my style any longer.  I already have at

least 3 bins of decor I will donate or take to the consignment shop.


So, how about you? Do you have any ingenuous ideas for storing

decorations you would like to share with me?  

For now though, I think another nap is in order.


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  1. says

    I have so much Christmas crap…er…wonderful stuff that we have a whole section in the basement for it- bins from top to bottom. This year I gave a ton away and I STILL have bins- top to bottom. How DOES that happen? Anyway, I am leaving stuff up until after the first, too, because the girls are going to be here at least one more time. I hope you have a great night- I love your storage ideas! That is a keeper- xo Diana

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  2. says

    Great ideas for organizing Christmas decor. We started taking ours down today, so I have a mess of bins and decorations in our guest room. I label the outside of each box with masking tape in an effort to keep my obsession with themes organized. Hope you all had a very merry Christmas!

    View Comment
  3. says

    Brilliant! I agree, as soon as the day of is over all of those wonderful decorations that I labored over for days just look like clutter! I threw a lot of stuff in the dining room yesterday, you know out of sight out of mind, but I will have to deal eventually. The plastic cup idea is so so great! I do have 1 of those fancy boxes from Amazon, but only 1. thanks so much!

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  4. says

    I leave mine up til mid Jan. I so enjoy seeing it and enjoying it all and the house seems so BARE when it is all down. I store everything my room. Each box or bin is marked with what room and what is in the box/bin. This system has wored very well for me for many years. I have probably 30 bins, I decorate ALOT:) All the bathrooms even get decorated. Glad you had a great Christmas. XO, Pinky

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  5. says

    I am ready to take everything down and store it away until next year. You have shared some wonderful ways to store our ornaments. I am lazy and will continue once again this year to store everything right back into the boxes full of tissue paper.

    Happy New Year!

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  6. Betty819 says

    Barb, you’ve come up with some unique storage ideas for your Christmas decorations. How do you keep the plastic cups from falling over on each otther..glue the bottoms to that cardboard divider? For those wreaths you are putting inside trash bags and wreath bags, isn’t it too hot for them in the attic? I would think the NC summer heat would melt that plastic trash bag that is over the one wreath.What color bins did you chose for Christmas decorations….clear?

    Are you still involved in real estate? I haven’t touched base a long time with my elementary school classmate that lives in Jacksonville..lost her email address; maybe I’ll send her a card or write a letter.

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    • Barb says

      I used a low-melt glue-gun to secure the cups to the cardboard pieces. I just lined them up and glued them on. I had to re-glue a few of them this year but otherwise for the most part they all stayed secure. :) No, my wreaths are fine in the attic even with the NC heat. We have three attic fans so that helps a lot. Also, I use shorter bags and do not tie the end in a knot so air circulates through.

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