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I have a confession to make. 

My sweet hubby has gifted me with several power tools over the past years.  After years of lingerie that sat in my lingerie drawer and jewelry that often went unworn, I finally broke down and told him that what I really wanted was a band saw, a miter saw, a jig saw and other various tools.

I have completed a few small projects, but nothing major.  Yet.

Since I made the decision to give up real estate and also a huge chunk of income, I am now resorting back to my DIY roots once again.

The first major project I want to tackle is my laundry room.

(Yes, I will even embarrass myself and show you a picture of it soon.)

Strangely, even though I detest doing laundry, one of my favorite Pinterest boards is my 
Look at some of these beautiful “Pinspirations:”

Because my laundry “room” is more of a pass through, I will never be blessed with an abundance of cabinetry and folding counters and utility sinks, etc.  :(   But, anything is better than what I have now.  

No one likes laundry, or at least no one I know.  But, my thinking is that if the laundry room is a more pleasant place to be, and has a prettier look and feel – at least the chore will not be as 
“chore-some.”  :)

Which brings me back to the original picture…

Lowe’s featured this great entryway project.  The step-by-step pictures make it look achievable.

Even though they call it an entryway bench, wouldn’t this make a cute addition to a Laundry Room?  I can see a few adaptions here and there to create a sorting cabinet for dirty laundry with large baskets, etc.

I have the tools. I have the need.  Now I just need to find the time.  :)

if you are interested in seeing more about how to make this Bench…here is the LINK.

What project do you want to accomplish the first of this year?  I’d love to hear…


{as always, you are more than welcome to pin any of

 my pictures, with my permission}

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  1. Sorry to tell you, but I do love to do laundry — always have clear back to the days (54 years ago) when I only had a wringer washing machine. Good luck on your project — hope it helps you to enjoy laundry a little more. Sally

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  2. I am not a hands on kind of gal like you, but is sure wish I was!! Hubby is my go-to guy for that kind of stuff and there is the problem, he is not always willing, lol!! Love the idea for your laundry room. I think that will be a great project to start the year with! Look forward to seeing your plans come together, I like all the above images, xo Kathysue

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  3. Barb- It is really funny but I need to redo our laundry room, too. It is serviceable but not pretty. Plus it is a catch all for things between the main floor and downstairs. Maybe YOU will inspire ME to get ‘er done. xo Diana

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  4. Oh this is a great bench and I can’t wait to see what you create. My laundry is the walkway to the garage, so nothing wonderful going on in there. I do have room for the second fridge and a small cabinet for some of my crafting supplies, but that is it. Hugs, Marty

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  5. Hi darling, I cannot wait to see what you come up with. I love power tools and doing laundry, guess I’m a bit touched but that’s what makes me unique huh? hugs ~lynne~

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  6. This is a beautiful bench, I just love it!


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  7. I want the trim in my living room finished and my shutters hung. Unfortunately I cannot run the tools – my hubby won’t let me so I’ve never learned. so I have to wait on him to find the time! Can’t wait to see your laundry – before and after :)

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  8. Oh…I see my laundry room decal on the picture!!!….My next laundry room will be a huge room…with a craft sewing area…a huge island in the middle and a “packing area”….a place to store suitcases and pack in that room…and oh yes..room for the gift wrapping….I guess I am not wanting for much!!!….have fun decorating your laundry room!

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  9. Those laundry rooms are definitely dreamy…mine gets tweaked every now and then and you have inspired me to further tweak it and perhaps post about it! Good luck on your project, I am envious that you know how to use all those tools! I am going to ask my hubbie for a power drill for Valentines Day!

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  10. Me too…. I see a laundry room pin and I have to check it out or add it to my board. I really don’t want to spend more time in my laundry room either and while it’s not decorated all that much, when there is no laundry it’s crisp and clean. But I want to redo it. I think I have it in my head if it looks awesome I’ll want to fold laundry. Bet that is a myth huh?


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