Laundry Room {the ugly truth exposed}

Ten years.  It is mind boggling what can happen in your life over the course of a decade.

For me – I saw a new career develop,  got a new daughter-in-law and struggled through three Iraqi deployments with my son (one with my daughter-in-law and my son together, while we cared for our grandson.)

I’ve sold a business and started a new one, started a blog, made new friends and visited places I thought I would never see…

(this is the former owner’s attempt at “Shabby Chic.”  Um – FAIL!)

As time went by and all these changes occurred in our lives, one thing remained the same.  One thing that should have been dealt with ten years ago…ten long years ago…. was continually ignored.

…and ignored –

… and ignored some more, just for good measure.

In fact, it was such a good job of ignoring that it has been nominated for the “Ugliest Laundry Room 2013″ award.  I am pretty confident I will be bring home that little gold trophy in the shape of a clothespin.

“They hate it.  They really, really hate it.”  (It’s part of my acceptance speech.)

(as you can see, I did attempt a “remodel” a few years back when I started ripping down the ugly border.)

So when The Hubbs booked a week long trip to Tampa to visit his brother, little ideas started swirling in my little brain.

No, I would not put the house on the market and buy another house while he was gone –

Although….  😀

No, I decided that ten years is long enough to deal with a really ugly and dysfunctional laundry room and pantry.  *If you can call that minuscule closet a pantry.   I have called it names,  really “wirty dord” names but never nothing as elegant as “pantry.”

So with the MAJOR help of my son, and I do mean major…

It has begun.  It is on like Donkey Kong.

Laundry Room/Pantry Makeover 2013

It’s gonna be an epic production.  Well, as epic as my small budget will allow.  😀

Here are two pics I have used as part of my inspiration…

1) A beadboard ceiling.  Yes, please.  

– and this organized beauty…

We are putting up some beadboard on the walls, also – new flooring, new trim, new light fixture, new paint, and new shelving.

The Hubbs comes back on Friday.  I wanted to have it done by that time…um, I think I may need to revamp the completion schedule a wee bit, or convince him to stay another week – or two.  😀

I can’t wait to show you the new and hopefully improved space.

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Okay, back to our regularly scheduled demolition project.  Where are my safety glasses?





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  1. You cracked me up!! I did my redone for laundry room too and yep! looked ugly before, but of course, everything went along with the total ktchen remake in 2010! Than later last year I added cabinetry to the laundry space and now..wela! looks like a great little place, that I love going to work there! CAN’T WAIT TO SEE WHEN IT’S FINISHED!!! Hugs,

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  2. you bad homeowner. Abusing your laundry room like that. shame on you! Now get her fixed! :)

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  3. LOVE Remodels!! cant wait to see finished pantry!!! 10 yrs Wow!!!

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  4. Oh, it will be beautiful….of course, it kinda did need some updating!! Can’t wait to see it!

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  5. good luck. I’m sure it will be wonderful and so satisfying when you get it all done. you know very well how to make things beautiful so I am certain this room will be no exception..

    then come help me with mine– its pitiful and if I’d entered that same contest I would have WON~!

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  6. Barb, I love the way you write and tell stories! You are the best. You are really making some good progress, so fun to follow along with you!! Love the beadboard ceiling!! xo

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  7. Wow, good for you! My laundry room/closet is on my to-do list this year, too. Looking forward to your reveal, Barb. :)

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  8. Good for you-those things are daunting sometimes, aren’t they? I love your inspiration and can’t wait to see it done. Hope hubby won’t blow a gasket- xo Diana

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  9. A laundry room is an important room for us gals.

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  10. So exciting!!! I want to do mine too but if I ask hubby to do one more thing I may find myself single lol. I can’t wait to see yours!!!

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  11. What a great son to help you with the reno…have fun!

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  12. I can’t wait to see the end result, Barb. Based on your inspiration pics it is going to be amazing. I’m already jealous of the beadboard ceiling that you’ll be installing!

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  13. Yes! Your son should get an award too, for being so helpful! This is a much deserved make-over and if it’s like my house, you can just ask the hubs to stay out of the laundry room. That would be a piece of cake here. Although, I’m not quite as handy with tools as he is. I could kick myself for not getting a pretty washer and dryer, 6 years ago, when I replaced mine. I’ll probably die with these boxy white things! oh well! Good luck!

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  14. You go girl!!!!!
    Woot, woot!!!! 10 yrs. is long enough, Miss Everyday Home, tear down that wall!!
    PS your son is a real sweetheart to help.

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  15. You have a great son to help you out that is great. I love that beadboard celing too. Can’t wait to see it finished.


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  16. Wow! I can’t wait to see the room when it is completed! That beadboard ceiling photo IS inspiring! Good luck the rest of this week!

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  17. Wow, you are really serious. I can’t wait to see what you do. Hugs, Marty

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