Tasty Tuesday # 7 (Crazy for Creamed Corn!)

Homemade Creamed Corn (gluten free) by The Everyday Home

Change is good.

Embrace the change.

“Nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change.”

– Mary Shelley

Take for example, this blog.  Notice a change?  I’ve switched over to a new format, so if things seems a little wonky or pics are missing or links are broken… please bare with me as I learn this new system.  As I “embrace the change.”



Homemade Creamed Corn (gluten free) by The Everyday Home


Another “change” I have had to deal with in the past few years is adjusting my diet to decrease the amount of wheat and gluten I consume.  After years of undiagnosed health problems, I finally found a specialist who helped me out.

Today, I eat very little wheat and gluten.

Well, accept on special occasions like Miss C’s Birthday.  Smile


Homemade Creamed Corn (gluten free) by The Everyday Home


Cooking has become a matter of adjusting ingredients, while still maintaining as much of the original taste as I can.

Take my Homemade Creamed Corn, for example.  A childhood favorite and something I grew up eating.

Creamed Corn, as a child, signified the true beginning of Summer.  On the farm, my Mama and Daddy planted so much sweet corn, it literally fed the neighborhood.

I mean literally.  Nothing beat corn picking day.  :)

Then, we would can sweet corn for days on end.   As a little girl, I wasn’t allowed to cut the corn off the cob.  But, Mama gave me the very important job of feeding the cobs to the hogs.  

Hey – don’t laugh – it was a very important job. Laughing




Homemade Creamed Corn (gluten free) by The Everyday Home


When I learned to make Creamed Corn from my Mama,  she showed me step-by-step how to cut the corn off the cob, how to take the back of the knife and scrape the cob to get off the very important corn “milk.”  

She taught me to cook the corn slowly in an iron skillet, and when the corn was cooked down to a tender stage, you added a flour and milk mixture to get the creamy consistency that makes Creamed Corn so ….well, Creamy.  


Homemade Creamed Corn (gluten free) by The Everyday Home


Over the years, I added a few ingredients to make it my own.  Think “Country Cooking” meets “Gourmet.”  Country Gourmet.  Laughing 

For instance, I love adding fresh thyme to my Creamed Corn.  Thyme has a woodsy, earthy taste that goes perfect with farm fresh sweet corn.  


Homemade Creamed Corn (gluten free) by The Everyday Home


Now, the consistency of the corn is in my opinion, a personal choice.  I prefer my corn to have just a small touch of “crunch” left.

The Hubbs.  Not so much.  He likes his corn cooked to smithereens.  

As in “Mushed Corn.”  

“Corn Cooked Until There is No More Life Left In It Anymore.”

“Something That Used to Resemble Corn.

Cooking times may vary, according to how you like it.  Even if it’s “I Can’t Believe You Cooked the Corn That Long.”  Laughing


So, if I can’t add the flour mixture…how do I possibly make it creamed?  Without the thickener, it would be just…cooked corn, right?


Homemade Creamed Corn (gluten free) by The Everyday Home


Cream Cheese.

Cream Cheese, meet Creamed Corn.  Creamed Corn, meet Cream Cheese.

Honestly.  It’s a combination made in corn heaven.

That’s all.  No flour, no milk.  No gluten.

Simple ingredients with earthy tastes that creates a rich-flavored sauce that envelops each tiny kernel of sweetness.


Homemade Creamed Corn (gluten free) by The Everyday Home


The best part is that it tastes even better to me than the flour/milk mixture.

It’s also easier for a beginner cook.  There is nothing any scarier than adding flour and milk to a dish… and seeing it lump together forming these ooey-goey little globs throughout the dish.  Oh my!  Surprised

The cream cheese melts easily, and right before your eyes… you see a pan of corn become a pan of Creamed Corn.


Homemade Creamed Corn (gluten free) by The Everyday Home


Change can be good.  It can be scary and daunting and you may drag your feet along the way – resisting the change with everything inside of you.

But, change is half acceptance and half letting go.  And many times… you realize that the change you accepted is a good thing.

A yummy, sweet, delicious thing.


Thanks for letting me share my Country Gourmet recipe for my

Homemade Creamed Corn for Tasty Tuesday.

Tasty Tuesday at The Everyday Home


Next week, I am so excited to share with you my recipe for Lemon-Mint Funnel Cakes.

Yes, Funnel Cakes.  As in those warm, crispy delicacies you get at the County Fair, which are smothered in a virtual blanket of powdered sugar.

I was honored to have my recipe featured in the newest edition of CelebratingEveryday Life with Jennifer Carol.


The Everyday HomeIt is available now for purchase, and I can promise you it is worth every single penny.  It is as pretty (maybe prettier) than any magazine I have ever seen – minus all the ads.  Smile

Here is a sneaky-peaky of my Lemon-Mint Funnel Cakes.

Lemon-Mint Funnel Cake by The Everyday Home


Does that look like a Carnival Food to you? Laughing


Homemade Creamed Corn (Gluten Free)

* (disclaimer: corn is considered a grain, and although some who aregluten-intolerant

can eat corn products, some cannot.)


4 Cups Cut Sweet Corn, about 5-6 ears

Approx 2 cups water

1 Tbs Butter

2 tsp fresh chopped thyme

*(opt) 1-2 Tbs sugar

*(depending on the natural sweetness of the corn, and the level of sweetness you desire)

Approx 1/2 Cup Cream Cheese

1/4 tsp each salt and pepper

Cut corn off cob, making sure you scrape the cob to get all of the corn “milk.”

Add corn to a skillet.  Cover corn with water, and add butter, 1 tsp chopped thyme, and salt and pepper.  Add sugar, if desired.

Cover, and cook on medium-low heat until corn is at the desired consistency.  

Once corn is done, remove lid to allow any remaining excess water to cook out. 

Remove from heat, add cream cheese a tablespoon at a time.  

Add remainder of fresh thyme.

Allow the cream cheese to melt and become creamy.  Add more sugar, as needed.

Welcome to Creamed Corn Euphoria!  Tongue Out





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    Oh My! I could eat homemade creamed corn until the cows come home. Bringing more cream for the creamed corn. 😉
    Never thought of adding thyme. Will try that next time.
    Your hubby has company…My sister wants it mushy too. I
    told her just to add it to the food processo/blenderr and beat it to death then sip it through a straw.

    Happy 4th. Jake’s a Girl

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