Kitchen Tour


Kitchen Tour at The Everyday Home


Do you see the theme of this post in the above picture?

Does one particular word stand out to you?

No…not “Perfectly.”  Laughing


You see – I have been blogging all of these years, and possibly leading you

to believe I live in a perfect home with spotless floors and grandchildren

who never have snotty noses or chocolate smeared faces…

or, granite that always sparkle and the most perfectly organized cabinets

that Pinterest has ever seen.


Is that the impression I have given?

Well, good.  Laughing

But, I love you guys, a LOT.  So it’s only right that I come clean.


Kitchen Tour at The Everyday Home


Most days, my kitchen is a mini episode of Hoarders.  My fridge should

be featured on the Discovery Channel.

Or, maybe the Sci-Fi Channel because there’s some alien stuff growing in

there right now.  Laughing


But, I would not be your friend if I continued the ruse, now would I?

So, I present to you The Everyday Home’s Kitchen…Uncut.


For example, my cute, blue cabinet that I added the Lowe’s house

numbers onto…

 Behind the Scenes Kitchen Tour at The Everyday Home


Well, this is how it looks right now…

Behind the Scenes Kitchen Tour at The Everyday Home


Miss C used her tiny little fingers to pry the #2 off.  Then she walked around

with it in her hand all weekend.  She decided she was tired of being #3 and

moved up a notch.   (She couldn’t reach the #1.)  Laughing


My friend, Shirley, of Housepitality Designs, gave me a pretty message

board soon after we first met.  I have it in my kitchen and the messages 

I write on the chalkboard changes with the season and/or the celebration.


And sometimes the message gets left there.  


For months.


Behind the Scenes Kitchen Tour at The Everyday Home



And you know my pretty black-painted breakfast table where I display lovely

seasonal vignettes like this…


Behind the Scene Kitchen Tour at The Everyday Home


It’s where we have our Family Dinner every Wednesday night with all

my babies and my Son and my Daughter-in-Law.  It’s where I break out

my sewing machine or lay out my craft boxes.  It’s often where I blog.

But, most of all – it’s where I sit in the morning with my sweetheart,

coffee in hand, talking about nothing in particular.  Just talking.


Behind the Scene Kitchen Tour at The Everyday Home


It’s been put through the ringers, and needs a good makeover.

(coming soon…stay tuned.) 

But, before you start thinking our kitchen is falling apart around us…

it’s not.

It’s just lived in and it’s loved.  

For example, we have truly enjoyed the little Coffee Station I created



Behind the Scene Kitchen Tour at The Everyday Home


And just in case we get confused whose white cup is whose…


Behind the Scene Kitchen Tour at The Everyday Home




(see how I created unique numbered coffee cups HERE.)


We also love the Painted-Brick Backsplash and Corbels we added.


Behind the Scene Kitchen Tour at The Everyday Home


Our “temporary” wood countertops only get prettier with age, and I

cannot imagine our kitchen without them now.


Behind the Scene Kitchen Tour at The Everyday Home


I cannot tell you how many emails I get asking about our Hand-Hammered

Copper Sink from Mexico.  It is definitely a focal point in our kitchen.


Behind the Scene Kitchen Tour at The Everyday Home


You guys have seen all of this.  Many times. Laughing

 ButI have two new fave areas of our kitchen.  It’s nothing special really.  

These ideas will not go viral on Pinterest or make the pages of Better Homes

and Gardens.  But, I love them!!!!


Behind the Scene Kitchen Tour at The Everyday Home


The first one is my basket drawer.  It is one of two we will install.  I found

baskets that fit perfectly in this space, and all we had to do was add a shelf.


Behind the Scene Kitchen Tour at The Everyday Home


It’s the perfect place for my hand towels.


But, the newest addition to our kitchen is something I have been meaning

to do for a while.  You see, a new revolution has begun at The Everyday



  1. A forcible overthrow of a government or social order in favor of
    a new system.

Yep, it’s an overthrow alright.  Of the junk.  Of the excess.  Of the

cabinetry chaos.  And we are pushing for a new system of organization.


This little project was a start.




It’s my Measuring Cup and Measuring Spoon Storage System.  

I LOVE it.

It was sooooo incredibly easy to put together.  I did it all myself in about

an hour and a half.  That included fixing lunch, changing a poopy diaper,

finding a lost stuffed shark, talking to my out-of-town hubby, and

deciding what was for dinner.


Behind the Scene Kitchen Tour at The Everyday Home


Using Frog Tape, I taped off the edges of the door.   Then, applied three coats 

of Black Chalkboard Paint (available at Lowe’s).


Behind the Scene Kitchen Tour at The Everyday Home


Next, I measured and cut three lengths from heavy duty stirring sticks.

Compliments of Lowe’s.  Smile  (I ended up only needing two)


Behind the Scene Kitchen Tour at The Everyday Home


Next, I placed my measuring cups and spoons where they needed to be,

marked the holes, and pre-drilled for the hangers.  I also pre-drilled a hole

on each end, where the wood strips would be screwed into the cabinet.


Behind the Scene Kitchen Tour at The Everyday Home


“Meet my little friend.”  Laughing


Behind the Scene Kitchen Tour at The Everyday Home


After the painted strips were attached to the back of the door, and the

cups and spoons were added… I stepped back and admired my work.


Behind the Scene Kitchen Tour at The Everyday Home


Some chalk marks the cup and spoon measurements. Pretty cool, huh?  

This one simple project has inspired me to completely organize my kitchen.

 I can’t wait to share some other projects with you.  I might end up on

Pinterest yet.  ha!


So, you see.  My kitchen is perfectly imperfect.  It’s not a model home.

It’s a lived in home.  It’s our home.


Oh, don’t get me wrong.  If I won the lottery, I would have a kitchen with

state-of-the-art appliances and every Henkel knife known to man.  Laughing


Behind the Scene Kitchen Tour at The Everyday Home


But, I would still fill my dream kitchen with my vintage scales filled with

onions and garlic and lemons.  I’d still have fresh flowers on the island or


I’d still probably have a chippy, needs-painted breakfast room table.  

And I can guarantee you there would be crumbs on the floor, some

spaghetti sauce splashes on the cabinets, and a few dishes in

the sink.

Because, even though I want a clean and organized and perfectly

presentable kitchen… I won’t ever have that if it means less time doing

the things that matter the most…

Behind the Scene Kitchen Tour at The Everyday Home


Like hunting for rolly-pollies and collecting centipedes.


Behind the Scene Kitchen Tour at The Everyday Home


‘Cause when these babies are older, with babies of their own – I don’t want

them to look back and remember Grammy and Grandpa’s kitchen as Model

Home perfect.


Behind the Scene Kitchen Tour at The Everyday Home


But, a place where perfect memories were made.


Thanks for coming to see me today.  Please watch your step, there’s a

wooden spoon aka drum stick on the floor.  Laughing


xxoo, Barb


I am sooooo thrilled to be taking part in the

“All About the Details Kitchen Tour”


Behind the Scene Kitchen Tour at The Everyday Home



Today is the second day of the Tour.

If you missed all of the great Blogs participating,

here is the complete list. 


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Good luck everyone!  I can’t wait to see who wins.  xxoo

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  1. Oh, Barb – I just love your post and kitchen details!

    But most especially I admire your perfect attitude – you soooo have your priorities spot-on right.

    Gotta hand it to you: your measuring cup and spoon hanging idea inside your cabinet? GENIUS!

    That is a fabulous idea. Thanks for the inspiration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend! ~Michele

    View Comment
  2. This is for sure the perfect kitchen…perfect for making a family feel loved and welcomed! I love it!! ~Sonya

    View Comment
  3. Loved your kitchen tour, Barb! What a great way to start Day #2 of the kitchen tours. And the basket drawer idea? I just may have to steal that one!

    View Comment
  4. Your kitchen is beautiful , most especially because its a Memory Making room.. Joy is shared there and thats way better than any model kitchen..

    View Comment
  5. Barb,
    I just love your kitchen and your style! I am loving the idea of the cabinet measuring spoon organizer. I so need to do that! I have like 3 sets of mismatched measuring spoons and have to dig through them to find the right one! Great job sweet friend! ~Christy

    View Comment
  6. What a beautiful tribute to life and motherhood. You are on a roll1 Enjoy every minute of every day.

    View Comment
  7. I am going to steal the measuring cup idea! I am forever standing on my head to find the measuring cups and spoons that are stored in a basket in the lower corner cabinet!! What a great idea!

    Gotta love a good coffee station. When I was going around picking up and cleaning our kitchen for the tour shoot, I remembered the table that was stored in the basement. Voila! I could clear a cabinet and do a coffee station in one fell swoop. You see, we don’t have a perfect kitchen in our house, but these showcases are making us think and improve. That’s a good thing at 70 years of age.:-) Keep the showcases coming!

    View Comment
  8. Funny post…love your kitchen of fingerprints and memories….and love that “chalkboard” too.

    View Comment
  9. Barb,
    Such a wonderful post. I have always loved drooling over your kitchen, both color versions. I to love the sink and what a great ideal for the cabinet door.

    View Comment
  10. I love your kitchen, Barb! You have so many unique touches! I may have to steal your measuring cup/spoon idea…perfect! And your coffee station is fabulous! But best of all…your sweet little grandies! :-) Thanks for sharing it all with us!…hugs…Debbie

    View Comment
  11. I am SO lovin’ this post! I really love it when people get REAL… and you definitely know whats really important… those kiddos! They are precious! Enjoy every second with them AND your beautiful home :) Thank you for sharing!

    View Comment
  12. Barb, your post is so great! Loved seeing your kitchen and how ‘well-loved’ it is! The measuring cup system is perfect! It keeps everything neat and accessible, as well as your coffee station. There is a lot of love in your kitchen. Thanks for sharing!

    View Comment
  13. Oh how I love this! A warm and welcoming kitchen where life is lived! Your measuring cup idea is great! I AM pinning it. I am on a quest to simplify too! So this is perfect!!

    View Comment
  14. LOL, thanks for the warning … I almost tripped over the “drum stick” while drooling over your kitchen, Barb! I LOVE your new basket drawer and measuring cup/spoon organization … wow! Your dry bar is one of my favorites … seriously … I want your painted brick backsplash. And, I had to laugh when Miss C took matters into her own hands and moved the numbers!

    View Comment
  15. Barb,
    You are so funny. I am so stealing your measuring door idea, love it.

    View Comment
  16. Oh Barb, what a great post, love your kitchen and that measuring station is fabulous. The pic of the boys is the very best. Hugs, Marty

    View Comment
  17. A lovely post for sure! Those two look like lots of FUN!! Love the measuring station…genius!!

    View Comment
  18. It is most certainly pinnable! Great idea and the post is wonderful as well. Personal, beautiful pics and great writing. Take that, my friend!

    View Comment
  19. Hello my friend! I still can’t believe that you’re a grandma! Seriously. And that measuring cup and spoon organizational idea is genius! Pure genius!!!!

    :) Linda

    View Comment
  20. Loved your tour Barb and how you connected it to family, that is what it is all about!!! Love the measuring cup and spoon idea! Great job sweetie!
    xo Kathysue

    View Comment
  21. Your kitchen is beautiful! It’s such a reflection of you you are, and the love you have for your family!
    I adore your new measuring storage door! Totally brilliant!!


    View Comment
  22. Hi Barb! This post was so wonderful and heart felt! I love the small things that make a kitchen cozy and comfy. Your kitchen is great!

    View Comment
  23. Barb, love that your kitchen is the hub of the home and the kids are all just gorgeous!! Love all your little touches and you make so many memories there. Love the story with the number 2.


    View Comment
  24. I just put this on my FB page saying I want that cow head!! I love your kitchen tour and I just pinned your measure cup cupboard. Awesome work!
    Jamie @

    View Comment
  25. Beautiful! I love the pops of whimsy and all the personal touches!

    View Comment
  26. Oh Barb, my dear friend!!! What a sweet and darling and so well written post! Your babies are precious and you certainly have your priorities right!!!! I adore you kitchen! It looks organized and and neat and so very personal! I love all of your detail and touches of you in it.
    Thanks for the wonderful measuring cup and spoon storage center! It is brilliant!
    I agree with you… your well loved table just keeps getting better and better.
    I am so blessed to have your friendship! xo

    View Comment
  27. Barb that was an awesome post and truth be told, my stainless Steele appliances have smudges on a daily basis, clutter all over the island, and a cabinet door hanging!

    View Comment
  28. I think your kitchen might just be absolutely perfect, because you are obviously enjoying your space right along with your entire family, and that is really what is important.
    Thanks, Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

    View Comment
  29. Barb your kitchen is beautiful! Love your paint sticks holding up those measuring cups!

    View Comment
  30. Thanks for sharing the tour of your home. The measuring cup cupboard is a great idea and your grandkids are very cute.

    View Comment
  31. Lovely post, Barb. And it gives me a different perspective on my perpetually messy and cluttered kitchen.

    I am so copying that measuring cup and spoon rack. Brilliant, my friend!

    View Comment
  32. Great post—and you are so right about those grandbabies! (Can I have them?)

    View Comment
  33. Thanks for keeping it real Barb, it is so easy to feel like an underachiever when you see so much perfection in blog land! Your kitchen has so many wonderful touches and I love the measuring chalkboard door. The story about your grand taking the 2 is too funny and cute! Thanks for sharing your home and life,

    View Comment
  34. I’ve always loved your kitchen, Barb. From the very first time that I ever saw it. Just ask Pookie how often I’ve told him about your backsplash and what it’s made from. I want to copy it! I love your idea of making basket drawers too. That’s going to look great. And of course I love seeing the pics of you and your sweet grandbabies.

    View Comment
  35. Your post made me cry. The ending of this post was so beautiful and touching. I just sent my baby off to kindergarten so this emotional mom’s heart strings were tugged with this post. Your perfectly imperfect kitchen is gorgeous. I love that you have so many interesting and eclectic things to look at. And, I adore Cleetus.

    View Comment
  36. Barb, you are measuring out love in your kitchen everyday! I just loved this post! Pinning your measuring system!

    View Comment
  37. Good to know I’m not the only one who has scary things lurking in my fridge, love your backsplash!

    View Comment
  38. Oh my gosh! Where the heck have I been? I should have been hanging out here on your blog a long…..time ago! I was just trying to figure out how to use google + tonight and realized I’d been following you in one of my circles so I headed over today to check out your blog. I’m blown away with your decor and relaxed writing style. I also checked out your HGTV Youtube video and loved it! I’m following along with Blog Lovin, Facebook, Pinterest (have been all along). I was away from blogging for 5 months and just got back to it a few weeks ago. You’ll be seeing a lot more of me here on your blog commenting away!

    View Comment
  39. Adorable kitchen! I love how you hung your measuring cups. What kind of hangers did you use?

    View Comment
  40. Great post. Though many pretend to be perfect, none are. It’s great to be real. Your home looks lovely.

    – The Tablescaper

    View Comment
  41. I love your post and want you to know that it is an inspiration to me. I came in b/c I saw your measuring cup/measuring spoons spiff up and loved it. Thank you for your candor and honesty, it is truly inspiring to get my “stuff” under control. And YES, the more important thing is making perfect memories, not a perfect house. Thanks a million!

    View Comment
  42. Jeri Niksich says:

    I have mine hung on hooks on the backsplash behind my stove, they are right where i can see them at all times & can pick exactly what I need including 2 hooks for 2 sets of measuring spoons. I love it. The backsplash is a piece of tin and the cups & spoons are silver also.

    View Comment
  43. Melissa Cox says:

    Do you have a link on how you did your countertops?

    View Comment
    • Melissa, sorry I don’t. My handyman did them for me. But I know he used oak veneer paneling and then added a moulding on the front. Sorry that’s all I can offer.

      View Comment
  44. I found a link to your page from another blog for space saving ideas with your measuring cup cupboard – what a genius! I think your kitchen is lovely too, your sink is amazing! x

    View Comment

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