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No-Sew Decorating by The Everyday Home


Welcome to the No-Sew Decorating Showcase!

I have joined up with five other fabulous Bloggers to bring you a

mix of No-Sew Decorating Projects.


Deb @ Confessions of a Plate Addict

Yvonne @ Stone Gable     Suzy @ Worthing Court

Ann @ On Sutton Place  and  Amy @ Atta Girl Says


No-Sew Decorating Showcase at The Everyday Home


Please make sure you visit each site and check out the

projects they are sharing for this event.


In the beginning planning stages, I was going to share a

recovered lamp shade I recently completed.  Who doesn’t love

an easy recovered lampshade project right?


But, when looking at my Blogging Calendar, I already had

 a lampshade project to share this week.

Did you see it?


Lamps Plus Fillable Lamp Christmas Challenge by The Everyday Home


Yes, it’s a Christmas Lamp.  

I went all ho-ho-ho on ya’!  Laughing 

Don’t worry, I haven’t completely lost my jingle bells, it was

part of the Lamps Plus Holiday Lamp Challenge for their

upcoming Holiday catalog.

Once, I realized this – I hated to share another lamp project for

fear you would think I was being shade-y.


But, then a bulb went off in my head –

 (okay, enough lamp humor)

and I remembered that I had promised to share my

No-Sew #7 Valance from my Summer Home Tour.


No-Sew Decorating at The Everyday Home


I decided to show you a slightly different variation…because I just

discovered this super fun product  and couldn’t wait to share it,

and this would be the perfect event for it.


It’s actually two projects in one…


Paint Your Own Chevron Fabric at The Everyday Home


Make Your Own Chevon Fabric…for Cheap!



No-Sew Faux Roman Shade at The Everyday HomeNo-Sew {faux} Roman Shade.


What is the uber cool product that made this project so easy?

No-Sew Decorating at The Everyday HomeFrog Tape’s Shape Tape in a Chevron Pattern.


I know right?

UBER cool!


I was going to put together this professionally produced

How-To Video, with sound effects and it’s own original music score.

But, the director wasn’t available (that would be my son!) –

so I decided to just use the ole’ standby…. how-to pics.  Smile


Here we go…


(Oh for the record, I am creating a mini 16×16

version as its easier to photograph.)


Step 1:

No-Sew Decorating at The Everyday Home


Gather your “sewing” supplies.  That would be your fabric,

some scissors, a measuring tape, iron-on hemming tape and

a very hot Iron.

(plus a nice hard surface to work on)

 * I get my Iron-On Tape at Walmart, but most craft and

fabric stores will carry it. 


No-Sew Decorating at The Everyday Home


Step 2:

Measure your window width.  Add 2″.  Decide the total length you

want your shade to be.  Add at  least 12″ extra.

This will allow for the pleat gathering at the bottom.  

Cut your fabric to these measurements.


Step 3:

No-Sew Decorating at The Everyday Home


Turn the edge of your fabric over 1/2″ and iron down in place.

Turn your edge over another 1/2″ – and iron that down to create a

clean edge.


No-Sew Decorating at The Everyday Home


Do this on both outside edges.


Step 3:

No-Sew Decorating at The Everyday Home


Measure the necessary length of iron-on hemming tape.

Place it under the ironed edge, as shown.

Fold the ironed edge down over the hemming tape, and using a

very hot iron and a bit of pressure, iron the edge to create a bond.

The hemming tape will “melt” to adjoin the two edges, creating

a neat and tidy seam.

 * Again, repeat this on the sides, only.


No-Sew Decorating at The Everyday Home


Step 5:

No-Sew Decorating at The Everyday Home


Cut a small mitered corner at the bottom of each corner.

Otherwise, your corner will look bulky and the fabric will overlap.

Iron the first 1/2″ seam.  Repeat for the second 1/2″ seam,

just as you did on the sides.

Add the hemming tape, and iron to create a bottom seam.


Step 6:

No-Sew Decorating at The Everyday Home


Turn your “hemmed” fabric and apply a final ironing, if needed.

The Shape Tape has a paper backing which is easy to pull off and

apply to your surface. 

I eyed the placement of the tape… but all of you measurephobes

may want to mark the edges to help you get straight lines.


No-Sew Decorating at The Everyday Home


I used two small pieces of tape to help me establish the correct width.

(see above)

I just kept moving the “spacers” up as each new layer of

tape was applied.

(see below)


No-Sew Decorating at The Everyday Home 

I completed covered my hemmed, fabric square

with the Shape Tape. 


Step 7:

No-Sew Decorating by The Everyday Home


I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Provence.

You could also probably use regular craft paint, and I have used

plain ole’ latex house paint before, too.

The secret is to make sure your tape edges are very secure to the fabric

so paint does not seep under.


No-Sew Decorating by The Everyday Home


I used a small 4″ roller.  Apply the paint until you are happy with

the coverage.  I went with an all-over coverage, but you could use

a light hand and also create the faded grain-sack look which I

used for my #7 Valance.


No-Sew Decorating at The Everyday Home


Once you are happy with the coverage –


No-Sew Decorating by The Everyday Home 

… carefully remove the tape from the fabric.


No-Sew Decorating by The Everyday Home


Step 8:

Do the happy dance because the Frog Tape did not allow

any seepage and you have smooth, clear lines.


Step 9:

No-Sew Decorating by The Everyday Home


To attach your shades to your windows, you can do as I did and use

a 1×1 cut to fit the width of the shade.  I pre-drilled the ends.

When I hung the #7 Valances, I simply used a small tack nail

and nailed the board right into the trim of the window using

the pre-drilled holes at the end as a guide.

But, you may not want to do that, or if you do not have wood

trim around your windows, you may need to use a drywall molly

and screw to hang.


No-Sew Decorating by The Everyday Home


To attach the shade to the board, simply staple it onto the back of the

board, as shown below.


No-Sew Decorating by The Everyday Home


Step 10:

No-Sew Decorating by The Everyday Home


Create “pleats” that mimic the look of a roman shade by making folds

along the fabric horizontally, stacking each fold one over the other

until you get the length of shade you desire.


No-Sew Decorating by The Everyday Home


A small dab of hot glue under each fold will hold the pleat in place. 

Once you hang your new Chevon Shade, you can stand back and

pat yourself on the back.


No-Sew Decorating by The Everyday Home


After you pat yourself on the back, look over at your Iron,

wink and say…

“you did good, girlfriend.” Laughing


I do have a slightly different option if you wanted to show the

Chevon pattern a little more…


No-Sew Decorating by The Everyday Home


By simply gathering up the ends with some thread and a few loops,

you can create an entirely different look.


No-Sew Decorating by The Everyday Home


This is what I will be doing when we makeover Miss C’s room.

Instead of a Chevron, I will be using a Damask Stencil.


So you see…with some paint and/or tape and a stencil….

you can create your own fabric for very little money.

The possibilities are endless.


So there you have it!

My No-Sew Decorating Project.  I hope you liked it.

If you would like to see five other awesome projects… please visit

the following sites today …


No-Sew Decorating by The Everyday Home


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{No-Sew Monogrammed Throw}


Before I go…you want to make sure you remind yourself to

come back tomorrow.  I have an awesome surprise for you.

I will be interviewing Marion, Miss Mustard Seed.

I asked her a series of questions which she kindly answered,

and I love her responses.  But, that’s not all.

Have you heard of her incredible book, Inspired You?

No-Sew Decorating at The Everyday Home

I am giving away not one, but TWO of these books to two

incredibly lucky Everyday Home followers.

See you on Friday!


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  1. says

    What a brilliant idea, Barb! I’d just love to get into that creative head for a day and see all the fabulous ideas you have! The chevron roman shade came out wonderfully! LOVE the design!!!!
    Thanks for putting all of this together. You are amazing, my friend!

    View Comment
  2. says

    I finally made it here! What a busy day…thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of the No Sew Extravaganza! I loved it. Your chevron blind is darling. I like both versions…great pics and tutorial too. I have no idea what to do next month but I’ll come up with something…can’t wait!

    View Comment
  3. Nancy says

    This is a great decor solution for windows. Thanks for the step by step directions with pictures and the inspiring color combinations. Thanks for sharing your talents. Have a nice fall.
    Nancy in wi

    View Comment
  4. Erin Truitt says

    Love this idea! We have an old 1950s house that has plaster and lathe walls so it is a pain to try to screw things into it! Is there a certain fabric you used to make the roman shades? Or will any kind of fabric work?

    View Comment
    • Barb says

      Hi Erin, glad this idea will work for you. I actually used a small painters drop cloth. I love the look of the fabric (I used a more tan than a gray) and it also has a great weight so it hangs well. Plus, it takes paint easily and does not run. Lastly, its cheap. 😀 Good luck and hope this helps. ~Barb

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