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Farmhouse Christmas Tablescape


A Farmhouse Christmas Tablescape by The Everyday Home

My little Roo found out the hard way that fresh cranberries just

don’t taste good. But, he was determined that they were

delicious little candies and Grammy was being mean by

not letting him eat his feel.

Two cranberries were promptly spit out.  On the floor.

And at that moment – I knew without a doubt he would

never eat a fresh cranberry again – and maybe any kind of

cranberry.  Laughing

But, he lost interest in my tablescape…and suddenly

How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and terrorizing his

little sister seemed so much more interesting.

A Farmhouse Christmas Tablescape by The Everyday Home  

I am absolutely thrilled to be taking part in

The Scoop on a Handmade Christmas

I have joined with 24 other bloggers.

Please make sure you visit them all for some

amazing Christmas Inspiration.

I will share the the full schedule at the end.

I promise no one will be eating and spitting out

fresh cranberries.  Or at least – I don’t think they will.


A Farmhouse Christmas Tablescape by The Everyday Home

When I started mentally planning my Christmas decor

this year – I knew my kitchen would be a

simple Farmhouse Christmas theme.  Handmade and homey.

Red ticking and burlap and berries and jars and dough bowls.

My Breakfast Room table turned out exactly how I envisioned it.

A Farmhouse Christmas Tablescape by The Everyday Home

Two rosemary topiaries in a vintage red, wire basket

anchored the center of the table.  I love the burlap

jingle-bell ribbon.

There were a few projects I knew I wanted to make.

Projects which were easy and not very time consuming – and most

of all - not very costly either.

A Farmhouse Christmas Tablescape by The Everyday Home

The first project was to create Chalkboard Chargers.

I wanted to write the words to one of my favorite Christmas

carols around the edge. 

A Farmhouse Christmas Tablescape by The Everyday Home

Using four $1 plastic chargers from Dollar Tree, I simply sprayed

a few coats of black chalkboard spray paint on them.

I did mine at 10pm at night, in my jammies, in the grass.

When The Hubbs went out the next morning, he thought we had an

alien invasion that had left 12″ black crop circles on the front lawn.


A Farmhouse Christmas Tablescape by The Everyday Home

Another $1 Dollar Tree white plate is sandwiched between a

pink and white transfer plate.

I also knew I wanted to add a very timeless look of fresh

cranberries in a Mason Jar with a floating candle.

A Farmhouse Christmas Tablescape by The Everyday Home

A large, medium and small jar was surrounded by fresh balsam,

magnolia leaves and silver jingle-bells.

One of the things I love most about these “candleholders” is

that they last a long time.  You can create this look for

very little money and effort.

Did you happen to tour The Everyday Home yesterday for the

2013 Home for the Holidays Christmas Tour?

A Farmhouse Christmas Tablescape by The Everyday Home

If you did, you may have noticed that I used a lot of small pine

discs I had my son cut for me.

(he loves his Mama!) Smile

I used them on the small trees on the mantel…

A Farmhouse Christmas Tablescape by The Everyday Home

I used them on the mantel garland…

A Farmhouse Christmas Tablescape by The Everyday Home

… as stocking tags -

A Farmhouse Christmas Tablescape by The Everyday Home

- and also on the lanterns in the table centerpiece.

A Farmhouse Christmas Tablescape by The Everyday Home

Yes, he cut me a LOT of these little discs.  Smile

But, one of the ways I used them which makes me smile is… 

A Farmhouse Christmas Tablescape by The Everyday Home

Coasters on the Farmhouse Christmas Table.


A Farmhouse Christmas Tablescape by The Everyday Home

Finally, inexpensive garland was cut into quarters and

made into mini wreaths which work perfectly as

“napkin rings” to hold the napkins.


So, you see.

Handmade doesn’t have to be expensive.

Or, time consuming.

Or, something you want to spit out on the floor.


It can be small touches here and there.

Made from love.


Thank you for letting me share my

Farmhouse Christmas Table with you and

my Handmade touches.  I will be back next Thursday,

Dec 12th to share more of my Kitchen decorated in

Handmade Farmhouse Style.

 A Farmhouse Christmas Tablescape by The Everyday Home

I can’t wait. 

But, one thing I am really (no, I mean REALLY) excited about


The Everyday Home’s

1st Annual “Virtual” Christmas Cookie Exchange

The Everyday Home's 1st Annual "Virtual" Cookie Exchange

If you’re like me, you will be in Baking Mode soon.

Or, maybe you already are.

There will be 30 Blogs which means THIRTY cookies

and THIRTY cookie recipes.

Here is a little sneak peak of mine…

The Everyday Home's 1st Annual "Virtual" Cookie Exchange

This is our favorite cookie and one of many we bake

each Christmas.

Cranberry-Pecan-White Chocolate Chunk Cookies

It starts on Monday.

So please come back for what I promise will be a sweet event…

and you won’t want to spit anything out.


I hope you are having a blessed week, my friends.



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tis the season giveaway picture

You could win $600 in the ‘Tis the Season Giveaway,

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You can enter both of those HERE.

And as part of the

All Things Home Tours: Home for the Holidays

event going on all this week…

You could win one of many prizes including a

$200 Gift Card from One Kings Lane as well as,

a $50 Gift Voucher from Farmhouse Decor.

You can enter these giveaways HERE

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  1. So pretty, Barb! I love the chalkboard chargers and the idea of using the garland as little wreath napkin rings! Thanks so much for sharing them with us! You have out-done yourself! Hugs…Debbie

  2. Your table is beautiful, Barb. I love all the handmade touches. The ways you used the wood discs throughout the decor is so clever and pretty. Love, love it all. :)

  3. Barb you did it again! I love your beautiful and festive table.

  4. So very pretty, Barb. I love the simplicity of cranberries in a jar. I can’t say I’ve ever tasted a fresh cranberry, but I’ll trust Roo’s take on it and avoid them!

  5. I love the entire look you have put together! It looks so comfortable and homey. I especially love the chalkboard painted chargers! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Barb this is gorgeous. I love the cranberries being used too. Everything is festive and decorated in great detail.


  7. I am in LOVE with those chalkboard chargers and may have to steal that little idea for my dining table! Soooo creative, Barb! Safe travels!

  8. I laughed out loud about the aliens! I also took a pic of the mason jar/cranberries. I keep a decor album in my phone. When reading blogs, I snap a pic of ideas I want to use. The dollar store charger idea is ingenious. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Botanic Bleu says:

    What wonderful handmade Christmas items! Your chalkboard chargers are a perfect complement to the red stripe napkins and the red transfer ware plates.

    So glad to be on The Scoop on Creating a Handmade Christmas with you.


  10. Such a beautiful tablescape, Barb! I love those chalkboard chargers and the garland made into napkin rings.

  11. Bar, I love all these ideas but especially like the cranberries and candle. I am really surprised that I have never done this considering how effortless and beautiful they look. Have a great weekend!

  12. I love cranberries in Christmas decor! Your table looks amazing… so pretty! So thrilled to be part of the Scoop on a Handmade Christmas with you!

  13. Barb, your table is stunning. I love the cranberry candle jars and the little wood discs are so pretty and so clever. Hugs, Marty

  14. Simply beautiful, Barb! You absolutely amaze me with every new post you share. You are one talented southern lady. I look forward to seeing your beautiful home in BHG one day! Much Love, Christy

  15. So many great ideas! My favorite is the coasters – so clever.

  16. So beautiful! I love the fresh cranberries! I didn’t use much red this year in my decor now I wish I had after seeing yours!!

  17. I am feeling the love, Barb!
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  18. Love your beautiful tablescape!

  19. Your table is simply lovely. It’s full of warmth and charm!

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