Enjoying the Snow 2014


I know, I know.

Earlier this week I promised you I would share this

awesome Valentine Art with you at the end of the week.


I was very excited to share a cute Printable I had designed, too.




I had painted and glued and designed a really cute framed piece of art…


I staged it in the foyer with a bouquet of flowers.

The lighting was perfect.


But, Tuesday night… the bottom of the sky fell out and down

came shower of ice, and then snow.

Actually, a lot more ice than snow.


And that’s about the time I realized I had something so much

more important to photograph…

And so much more to do than stage and photograph Valentine Art…


So you get to see what we have been doing for the past 2 days.

Snow Days.

No School Days.

Hot Chocolate and Watching Movies Days.

The World Outside Has Come to a Halt, and It’s Just Us Days.


The best days of all.

I’ll be back on Sunday night with the Valentine Art and Printable.

I pinky promise this time.

Big Smile


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  1. Grandma…where’s my boots..these sneakers aren’t warm enough..What an adorable young lady..All of your grands are very photogenic..Thanks for sharing the pics with your fans.

  2. Beautiful pics of the gorgeous children having snow fun and out of school…nothing better than this! That Little girl is to die for, too cute!!!
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Those are always the best days and your children are adorable!

  4. I miss those day….. Thanks for sparking some great memories.

  5. Your grands are so cute! I know you’re making special memories with them. I would have put that project on hold, too!! Stay warm!

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